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rF2 underside shadow not showing up

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Sk3ptik0n, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. I am having a real issue showing the car shadows underneath the AI cars (or MP for that matter) I am racing against. Is this something they are eventually going to fix or is it going to stay like this.

    Also, with all the settings to High I am getting about 40/60FPS, with the settings to medium/low I am getting about 10fps less. Yet today I was racing GSC2013 and I was getting 150fps set to "Ultra" and almost 300fps when I set it for the online race with some mediums and a couple of "High".
    Is something wrong with my rig or is this normal. And could my FPS affect the shadows?

    I am not a stickler for excellent graphics and I far prefer awesome physics to great looking environments, but the lack of underside shadows is really annoying. Cars seem to be floating in space and I really dislike the effect.
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  2. Hi,

    first of, rF2 GFX are simply as many people tend to say broken or just not finished yet.
    The shadows pop up and disappear as they wish on most circuits on some they are good but still not perfect. That depends on the placement of the track side cams in replays.
    Whilst driving they are also a bit of as said.

    For the performance I suggest you to read this thread if you are a Nvidia user.


    If you are a AMD/ATI user I suggest you not to force any settings through CCC.
    Let the game handle all the GFX settings and you get better FPS.

    Also try different combinations in the GFX settings. I had the experience that some settings although higher just don't work together well and eat FPS so you have to find your sweet spot. Turn of the reflections, you'll have them still but just every 10 sec updated. They eat just to much performance and are still not really good to go. For example the road reflections have the same habits like the shadows, off-on stuff.
    The shadows are also a FPS killer in rF2 as you surly have noticed already.

    I run for races only textures as high as possible and some shadows and all the other stuff on lowest settings or off. And as said don't use CCC for AA or anything, force it in game if you are on AMD.

    Good luck.
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  3. Thanks, I'll follow your suggestion and check out the nVidia settings discussed in thsat post you attached. At least I know I am not crazy or unique.