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rF2 Track Reviews

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Peevee88, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Below is a list of tracks I tested and did not meet the basic standards set for these reviews and which I have uninstalled from my rF2 track roster until they are improved either by updates or as all new release for rF2.

    Good tracks I have tested with links to review:
    Good tracks I have driven and reccomend - no review yet:
    Tracks to avoid:
    Criteria used to test rF2 tracks:

    I am a big rF2 fan and at the moment it is my go to sim, but as I discover it I am realising that there are many really bad looking add-on tracks. When I say 'bad looking' I mean that they are packed with jaggies, shimmering objects that should not shimmer and the off track terrain is something out of a bad acid trip with eyeball damage a possibility.
    Perhaps some of these tracks have excellent 'physics' and the other stuff that makes good tracks. As a visual person the way tracks look are very important and sometimes all it takes is one lap to bin a track because it looks bad.
    I admit: I hate jaggies and therefore anything where the jaggies actually catch my attention more than the braking zone or an apex is to me unacceptable. If there are jaggies but they are not too intense then I might stay with the track and live with the mild jaggies because the other elements are cool.
    I have started this thread to keep a record of track reviews I make as I journey through rF2 and perhaps like minded souls (if there are any) can use this as a reference and even join in with critique or feedback and even do their own track reviews.
    Note that these are plug-and-play, out-of-the-box evaluations with little (if any) tweaking or fussing about with settings other than the standard one-size-fits-all that I use.
    The reviews are my personal opinions based on evaluations of the tracks I test and not meant to offend anyone.

    Some of the criteria I use to test tracks are
    1. Cars used for test: ISI Indycar, Renault Megane Trophy v1.02 & Renault Megane World Trophy MOD 1.4.01
    2. Fields between 24 and 30 AI cars at 100% and 50% aggro
    3. In the reviews the following are confirmed and/or work correctly with regards to reviewed tracks: penalties for false start, pitlane speeding, cutting track penalty, sector-times, start and finish procedure, starting lights and pit-limiter
    4. System used: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, with Memory: 32768MB RAM, Processor Intel i7, Ram 32GB DDR III, Solid State Drive 128GB SATA, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, single screen 1920 x 1080 (60.000Hz) with all in-game graphics at full settings
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  2. Portugal/Estoril is a track most long time simmers know well as I think it was in Geoff Crammond's GP2 and also GTR2, and personally I have been there many times since the eighties, walked it many times as a photographer and driven on it too. Have made this the benchmark rF2 track upon which others will be compared in future reviews until a better one emerges.

    Track Facts

    Track: Portugal (Circuito Estoril)
    Version: 2.0
    Track Maker: ISI
    Sim: rFactor2
    Track Info: Portugal International is a former Grand Prix track with noticeable elevation changes and an interesting mix of both slow and high speed turns. Multiple overtaking spots are available, and the circuit was a favorite among drivers and teams. Was once the go to track for F1, DTM, WEC testing. Currently the circuit is used for small racing events and occasionally as a testing facility.
    Configurations: 2 versions: Grand Prix and GT
    Real Life Link: http://www.circuito-estoril.pt/en/
    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6z...009-v200.rfcmp
    Track Type: Permanent Road
    Original rF2 or Conversion: Original
    Last Update: 10 July 2015
    Last Reviewed: 08-02-2016

    Test Feedback

    How are the AI: Good and racey, but maybe a tad slow in the final turn
    FPS Start: 75-80
    FPS General: 170 STEADY
    Jaggies: Not noticeable
    Graphics Quality: Good
    Look & Feel: Good
    Review Summary: Does almost everything well and is an enjoyable track to make your 'home' base to test and create setups on. Has fast areas, twisty bits and some big corners. Easy on the eyes and captures the atmosphere of Estoril very nicely. From an rFactor 2 and simming perspective it ticks all the boxes in terms of look and feel, drivability, AI behaviour etc.
    Verdict: Must have track

    Lap Times:
    • Flat6 Series (v1) 1:38.783
    • Megane Trophy (v1.02) 1:39.063
    • RMegane World Trophy (v1.1) 1:31.669
    • ISI Indycar (v1.65) 1:22.827
    • URD Aura PX1 (v0.9) 1:23.9431:23.943
    Some photos I found:
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  3. Track Facts

    Track: Mid Ohio
    Version: 2.02
    Track Maker: Virtua LM
    Sim: rFactor2
    Track Info: Virtua_LM is proud to introduce you with Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for rFactor2. Converted from our scratch creation on rFactor, this track has been modified to take advantage of new rFactor 2 capabilities.
    Configurations: two versions - No Chicane and Chicane
    Real Life Link: https://www.midohio.com/
    Download Link: http://www.simroad.com/virtua_lm-mid...2-02-released/
    Track Type: Permanent road circuit
    Original or Conversion: Conversion
    Last Update: 27 November 2015
    Last Reviewed: 15 February 2016

    Test Feedback

    How are the AI: Generally good but maybe be a touch too slow through Turn 1 otherwise quite handy. AI are racey and good to race against with no silliness. They can block aggressively but realistically and stubbornly - just like the real deal.
    FPS Start: 70-80
    FPS General: 150
    Jaggies: Yes. But can live with them as other elements are of a high standard
    Graphics Quality: The jaggies, which tend to blemish rFactor converted tracks, they are the only negative thing I can really moan about. Nevertheless, and despite this, the immersion factor is still great and one can live with the jaggies as the other graphical elements are fine.
    Look & Feel: Has good immersion value and looks like a true US style race track
    Review Summary: One of those classic North American race tracks which I personally enjoy such as - Road America, Watkins, Laguna etc - undulating and challenging but also good to race on. This version of Mid-Ohio compares favourably with others I have driven eg. iRacing. A track that is a pleasure to drive and race on.
    Until a scratch built rF2 version of Mid-Ohio is available this will do for now.
    Verdict: Must have track

    Lap Times:
    • Renault Megane World Trophy (v1.1) 1:19.507
    • Flat6 Series (v1) 1:22.465
    • Megane Trophy (v1.02) 1:25.168
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  4. Track: Palm Beach International Raceway
    Version: 1.43
    Track Maker: ISI
    Sim: rFactor2
    Track Info: Formerly known as Moroso Motorsports Park and opened in 1964, Palm Beach International Raceway is a popular testing facility for a wide range of racing machines, along with a race track host in it’s own right. At 3.2 km, the roadcourse is a nice mix of flowing turns and flat-out straights, running parallel to an IHRA-sanctioned drag strip and karting course.
    Configurations: 1
    Real Life Link: http://www.racepbir.com/
    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fa...012-v143.rfcmp
    Track Type: Permanent road course
    Scratch or Conversion: Scratch built
    Last Update: 10 May 2013
    Last Reviewed: 11 February 2016

    Test Feedback

    How are the AI: Good to race against. But do at times slow down too much under braking. An area that can be tweaked to improve.
    FPS Start: 80 FPS with 30 cars
    FPS General: 170 FPS steady
    Jaggies: Graphics can be improved as there are jaggies aplenty, but they are not intrusive enough to spoil the immersion one gets with this track.
    Graphics Quality: Not up there with latest generation rF2 tracks, but lots of potential and time for a revamp of the visuals. Minor irritation (for me): Flags on poles wave non-stop which was cool once upon a time but now it's like: WTF are they waving for when there is no wind.
    Look & Feel: Track has simple surroundings and features but no big deal eye candy. Flat as a pancake with no elevations. The appeal for me is that it is a purpose built track for racing and that's what it delivers well. I would say best suited for tintops eg. Touring Cars, Megane, DTM, Flat6 and GT3 (although the latter two are a handful but well worth the effort!) as well as smaller single seaters eg. Formula 2 and below.
    Review Summary: ISI should ASAP do a revamp and update of this gem of a track which grows on me each time I drive it, but meanwhile it is still well worth having on your track roster.
    Verdict: Must have track

    Lap Times:
    • RMegane World Trophy (v1.1) 1:11.930
    • Flat6 Series (v1) 1:16.179
    • Megane Trophy II (v1.02) 1:17.300

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  5. Track Facts

    Track: Sebring International Raceway
    Version: 2.02
    Track Maker: VirtuaLM
    Sim: rFactor2
    Track Info: Sebring (pronounced "sea bring") Raceway is one of the oldest continuously-operating race tracks in the United States, its first race being run in 1950. Sebring is one of the classic race tracks in North American sports car racing[citation needed], and plays host to the 12 Hours of Sebring, one of the legs of the unofficial triple crown of endurance racing. The raceway occupies a portion of Sebring Regional Airport, an active airport for private and commercial traffic that was originally built asHendricks Army Airfield, a World War II training base for the U.S. Army Air Forces.
    Configurations: 3
    Real Life Link: http://www.sebringraceway.com/
    Download link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downlo...l-raceway.106/
    Track Type: Permanent Road Course
    Original rF2 or Conversion: Conversion history rFactor>>>GTR2>>>GT-Legends/Race07>>>rFactor 2
    Last Update: 27 November 2015
    Last Reviewed: 16 February 2016

    Test Feedback

    How are the AI: In most sections they are superb, but they get Turn 1 and the Turn 17 (final turn) wrong and are pretty slow through both these. Those two areas need some work. Nevertheless they are racey and go for gaps, overtake each other and block effectively without being aggressive.
    FPS Start: 30 cars 40-50 FPS and increases over the first two laps
    FPS General: Steady 130-140 FPS
    Jaggies: There are some and also shimmering objects but hardly noticeable and not an eye sore.
    Graphics Quality: Good
    Look & Feel: Captures the atmosphere really well especially on race day with the motorhomes etc. Very flat so definitely has an airport feel to it.
    Review Summary: A classic race circuit very well replicated for rF2 and really an essential track to have on your roster. Kind of track you just want to keep driving on as there are so many areas to try and perfect. To get it all 100% correct (almost impossible) is a challenge. For me its the kind of track which sums up why I drive sims as it sucks you in and before you know it a couple of hours are gone by such is the immersion. In terms of what to drive on it and enjoy, I would reccommend anything above GT3, of course LMPs on here are fantastic as they should be, and single seaters anything from F.Renault 3.5 are great, as are is Indycar DW12.
    Verdict: Must have track

    Lap Times:
    • Megane (v1.02) 2:06.580
    • Flat6 (v1): 2:05.092
    • URD Aura PX1 (v0.9): 1:45.911
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  6. Are you using AA? What type? What is your setting for texture sharpening? What mod are you using? What is your lap time? What setup are you using? What setup is AI using? AI setup can have enormous impact on AI quality.
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  7. Kevin I am a Plug & Play bloke. So the AA and texture sharpening things you mention I do not know.
    I am using out-the-box the SweetFx here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rf2-sweetfx-settings.279/
    As mentioned in the OP cars used for tests so far are typically: ISI Indycar, Renault Megane Trophy v1.02 (since last week) & Renault Megane World Trophy MOD 1.1
    AI setup I don't know and as mentioned it's Plug & Play for me so tweaking might improve things but these tests I do are 'out-the-box' evaluations.
    As mentioned also in the OP: I use Portugal as the benchmark for all aspects and take it from there.
    If folks want to provide info & tips that improve tracks tested, then I will adjust accordingly and re-test. These reviews are dynamic and will change when tracks are updated.
    I will in future add my best lap times for each test and track as this is a good idea.
  8. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good. Premium Member

    I would suggest if your gonna do comparisons that you might use recommended settings by ISI and no Sweetfx so there is a control environment. You don't know if a track is reacting badly to ISI or sweetfx dll's. Just a thought.:)
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  9. Thanks, Peevee. If you don't mind my asking...

    Are you using default nVidia settings? What nVidia driver version?

    Also, might be worthwhile to replace one of the Meganes with a Howston or other powerful historic vehicle since you already have a Megane and will still have two modern vehicles and also open wheel represented.

    Lap time will help greatly as the driver is an important variable when assessing whether AI is fast ;)

    Also, agree with Jeff regarding SweetFx because as he says is not controlled test and also because not out of the box ;)
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  10. Oulton Park is awesome.
  11. Has the version with reworked mesh been released yet?
  12. "Jaggies" are not a track-specific feature unfortunately.
  13. Great idea Peevee, thanks! May i suggest to post which CPU you're using as that plays a big part with your video card in your final FPS outcome!

    Note: The AI will be at it's greatest with the car mod used to make the AI fast line (AIW) and if the AIW was fine-tuned in any troubled areas. Also, if the car mod maker fine-tuned the AI physics this will play a big role in the AI raceability outcome.
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  14. Agreed 100% - do you have a link to the ISI reccommended settings?
  15. Jaggies on my rig vary from track to track. What I have learned over the years running rF2 is that many of the tracks converted from rF1 tend to be jaggies intensive and as well as shimmering objects (eg. grass, fences, grandstands) which are unpleasant to the eye.
    The ISI and 3PA tracks are good as are most scratch built tracks I have driven.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
    • Are you using default nVidia settings? Yes
    • What nVidia driver version? Will check...
    • Also, might be worthwhile to replace one of the Meganes with a Howston or other powerful historic vehicle since you already have a Megane and will still have two modern vehicles and also open wheel represented. Agreed need a historic car in there for the historic tracks although after 5-6 years of GPL a decade ago I still get nightmares about historic sims ;-)
    • Lap time will help greatly as the driver is an important variable when assessing whether AI is fast ;)Agreed this will be added - my speed is average I reckon...
    • Also, agree with Jeff regarding SweetFx because as he says is not controlled test and also because not out of the box ;) Agreed. Going to revert to recommended ISI settings
    • Ace King suggested: May i suggest to post which CPU you're using Added that to OP
    And of course if others want to get involved and do this as a collective let me know by PM because I do have a server I can fire up which might be cool...:whistling:
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  16. xnorb

    Premium Member

    What are "jaggies"?
    I'd say i'm around video gaming already for quite some time, but there's no definition i'd connect with the word "jaggies".

    I think reviewing ISI tracks is a bit of a time waster.
    They are all of high standards and AI is good on them.
    (Same goes with VirtuaLM i assume)

    Reviewing mods for very popular tracks that are not ISI or VirtuaLM would be interesting.
  17. Jaggies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaggies
    Also Google: jaggies rfactor or jaggies rfactor2
    Reason I reviewed ISI Portugal is to set the benchmark for the reasons mentioned in the Portugal review post.
    One would expect that the AI are good on all ISI tracks but in fact they are not. Portugal the AI on just about all the mods I run there they are too slow in the final turn.
    Also if you drive ISI's Palm Beach Intl. Raceway you will notice the graphics etc need polishing - as reported in the review - because the track was last updated in 2013.
    I am a big fan of VirtuaLM tracks, but they also have their small flaws which I point out (Sebring AI) In the review I did.
    I will also review new ISI tracks and 3PA tracks not just for AI and graphics, but also immersion and give my opinion on the ideal cars to race on said track. Why test a Porsche in real life? Why test a Ferrari? For feedback and impressions. Similarly I will do that with tracks that are released by any developer.
    In the end this came about because I was building this list of track reviews for myself as I have a server and was hunting tracks (BTW also GSCE and AC) to host, and as the reviews grew in numbers I thought I would share it here. I have dozens more - in brief note form - but need to revisit before going public with those reviews - alas there is a lot of substandard tracks out there.
    In terms of time wasting, it's mine to waste ;-)
    And of course - last but not least - maybe the theme of this topic is not for you...
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2016
  18. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I came here for reviews as i'm no fan of downloading gigs of junk just to delete it a minute later :)
    So, the topic is absolutely for me, i just asked for something that i believe would be more interesting than testing tracks of sources that are already very well known for great content.

    Jaggies - i'm really curious: How is that track dependent?
    Shouldn't AA fix those issues?
    Or do you mean upscaled textures that are by nature pixely?
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  19. Great stuff, Peevee. I have completely abandoned all but the most visible and publicly celebrated tracks so I know there are many I am missing out on so very much looking forward to driving those hidden gems that you find/found.

    Last suggestion is to develop a way to easily find your reviews. Possibly add to your list in the OP a link to the individual post for each? Also possibly move your list of good tracks earlier in the OP? Just some thoughts.
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