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Skins rF2 StockCar NCR 2016 RFCMP Package (September 2, 2016) 1.03

StockCar MOD Package NCR

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    rF2 StockCar NCR RFCMP Package - StockCar MOD Package NCR

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  2. One suggestion, if you are planning to update this package, is to experiment more with the talent file. As it is, speed difference between the fastest and slowest cars in ovals is quite big and leaders lap slowest cars easily just after 7-8 laps in Eagle Creek for example (AI difficulty around 110%). I think their speeds should be edited within few percent of each other with high aggression and composure values too. This would most likely mean that even in full races, slowest cars would be only few laps down from the leader like IRL. Also AI would most likely do less sudden brake checks when speed differences would be less severe, something which I constantly see now.
  3. Thanks, yeah it's been a pain messing with the rcd files, typically you wouldn't see Michael Annett, Timothy Hill etc (was happening quite a bit) in the top of the pack so accounting for drivers real life positions I settled for how it is now. I'll definitely have an update sooner or later and hopefully I can get a better experience for us. Thanks again for the support and suggestion.
  4. I fiddled today with the talent file also and got pretty good results placing the speed values so that the top drivers were 99 above and from there down to 96 and something (so the slowest were just around the 95-96 mark). I also put all the aggression values above 80 and composures all above 90. I also put minracing just tad down the speed value for everyone. Qualify was pretty close to speed value for everyone.

    Racing looked really good and cars were two wide in several occasions, but the race split to "mini packs" after a few laps. It was really hard and I couldn't keep up with the AI in Eagle Creek with default setup :) I think the best way to try to handle mini packs is to try to set proper spread in minracing speed and use AI limiter. I at least hope that that would spread the pack little by little and keep the top drivers where they belong. There probably needs to be a little more spread in qualify speed to keep the slower guys down in the starting grid. Aggression should probably also reflect driver/car speed, but I'd kept the value pretty high for all. Composure shoud also be high for everyone, because I've noticed that it affects how they use driving lanes and prevents them hitting walls and doing sudden moves in turns. FYI I ran the pack AI limiter at 0, but I also tried larger values to no big effect as I had minracing so close the speed value.

    All in all, this was my first attempt to do anykind of "modding" for rF2 and it was a blast to try things out and a real breeze with your talent file as a base. I will continue to try the AI adjustments and definitely keep you posted if I find something useful. It now seems that rF2 will replace nr2003 for me right now. Your skin pack is just pure awesomness and we need just some AI tuning here. Cheers!

    Edit: Cheez, we need to bring the nr2003 modding community to rF2. We really could use some more tracks around here!
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  5. Sweet, if you have more time I wouldn't mind a little help with the talent files, I've been a little more busy with work than usual so any help is appreciated. It's the same for me too with nr2003, rf2 became my stockcar game of choice :). I Definitely agree we need the nr2003 community here lol that would be awesome. Keep me posted, would love to get pretty accurate positioning and race results. Thanks again.
  6. Yep, I'm on vacation this week, which is soon ending, and so is much of my spare time :) But I'll keep fiddling with these when I have time in the evenings, but It'll be more during the weekends when I have the time to truly test the new settings if they work. But I'm glad If I can help!

    I think If we could nail the AI in the Eagle Creek type of 1.5 mile track, It'll work decently on other tracks. Except super ovals, which is wholly another thing. I haven't tested a single mile on them with this modified talent, but the problem I've so far seen with ISI stock car, is that there is no pack after a few laps. Pack spreads out unrealisitcally after just a lap or two. That also worries me in the sense that drafting is not properly modeled (yet?)

    I'm not that big fan of super speedways. In nr2003, I prefer more like Bristol where it is tight and you have to conserve your tires and be careful of your throttle. On the other hand, Autoclub is one helluva fun track and like it a lot in nr2003. But I'm not that big of a fan of the "metal to the pedal" super speedways. Nr2003 handles them pretty well, but they still they are not my cup of tea. But to bring much of the nr2003 crowds in, super speedway AI should be figured out IMO (perhaps separate rFm and talent?).

    By the way, I'm from Northern Europe so don't expect me to understand every niggle in the Nascar. I have been watching every single race since 2013 or so, but before that is just outside of my scope besides some interest in googling some drivers and the developement of the series. But much of history isn't required here, I think :)
  7. ISI acknowledges the AI oval racing needs fixing to bring them up to speed with their road racing!
  8. Peevee88


    Brilliant skins. Big thanks.
    In Launcher it shows ISI StockCar Mod NCR 2015 Version 1.00
    Is this correct? Should it not be Version 1.04?
  9. Well kind of, it's ISI's stockcar 1.04 but my version 1.00 of my mod of that as the base. Thanks for the appreciation, I'm hoping to get more time to release another update soon ;).
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    rF2 StockCar NCR 2016 RFCMP Package

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  11. Thank you :).
  12. No problem, thanks for the support
  13. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Packages

    is this the path i use for steam version of rf2? because i cant seem to make it work. the cars spawn in with default paints
  14. I believe so but I'm not currently on steam, I would assume you would place it there and install. Sorry about not having anymore information, I think I will switch to steam when ISI releases their next update since I really won't have a choice when that happens.
  15. This is GREAT! Any chance we could get a similar skin pack for the "Howston Dissenter"?
  16. Hmm, I haven't tried the skins for the Dissenter yet. I haven't played much of car model yet but if I do, I'll probably be looking into skins for that. Just can't guarantee anything quite yet. Thanks for the appreciation and reviews also, really am thankful.
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    Ford 2016 Update

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  18. DaREALMastaD updated rF2 StockCar NCR 2016 RFCMP Package (July 18, 2016) with a new update entry:

    Chevrolet 2016 Update

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  19. Angus94

    Methanol Inhaler Premium

    when i try to extract the contents i get this message........

    The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    and im using winrar, ive downloaded the LR version twice and the HR version once and i get this message with all of them.
  20. Hmm, what I'll do is put up the HR and LR on my google drive in zip format for this problem. I'm able to extract them on my computer and it could be some issue I'm not aware of so just in case this problem happens for the majority of downloaders, hopefully this zip will help. Sorry about that, I'll get it up as soon as I can and include the link in the description.