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Skins rF2 Stockcar 1 Aric Almirola Skin 1.0


  1. DaREALMastaD submitted a new resource:

    rF2 Stockcar 1 Aric Almirola Skin - 43

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  2. great job on that car..........even though I keep waiting to see that crispy M&M's car pop up.
  3. Haha thanks, I am thinking about it :-D, I would say it's one of the harder ones but it's definitely on my list.
  4. I was thinking it would be really hard, it has a lot of detail. I just figured maybe you weren't a kyle busch fan. LOL

    first thing on my list after work today is to try to learn how to download your skins and use them cause last night was the first night I got to sit down and play for hours and I really liked it once I figured out that I could add an entire 43 car field. now if we could just get someone that liked adding nascar tracks.
  5. since my game is through steam do I load the skins in the game a different way? I tried with several failed attempts tonight while trying to follow the directions but couldn't get them. might just be old age sneaking up on me
  6. :), let me see if I can find some stuff on the steam version.
  7. thanks D, ill give that a shot tonight when I get home from work