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rf2 questions...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tjc, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. tjc


    Ok guys...

    I reckon I`m ready to give rf2 a shot but I`d like some info please. :)


    What is the latest build number and where`s the best place to download it? I take it this latest build sorts up some (if not all) of the bugs problems I`ve read about with previous builds...

    What`s the best payment option? Seems to me the best deal is to get a lifetime version for about £50 odd rather than have to pay a smaller payment and then another small payment every year thereafter...

    How easy/difficult is it to install mods and tracks? I`ve come across some that seem to think it`s a real pita to do so I`d like some pointers on this if possible.

    What content is available atm? What cars and tracks are in game? I know there`s Old Spa, Old Monico, the 60`s F1/F3? cars but some more info would be nice.

    How long after I download will I be behind the wheel of that old F1 car hammering along Old Spa? Is it quite easy to set up once you get going with it?

    I`ve read the info and blurb here and will do a little more research too but thought I`d ask those that are into the process a bit for some advice too.

    I have more questions but that`ll do for now, I`m sure you guys have been answering this stuff for a while now but I`d really appreciate the help.

    Any other relevant info you think I should know then please say...

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Latest build and all information can be found in this thread. When using torrents and reading the guides carefully you have it setup in notime.

    Just don't skip the instructions as you need to understand the steps you should take once. After that its easy :)

    All your other questions I am sure somebody here can help you with.
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  3. Cars:
    • Nissan 370Z GT4
    • Nissan GTR GT1
    • Eve F1, F2, F3
    • Spark F1, F2, F3
    • Formula Renault 3.5
    • Formula ISI/Masters (fake F1)
    • Renault Megane
    • Brabham BT20 (unreleased)
    • Formula 2 (unreleased)
    • Sepang, Malaysia
    • Palm Beach
    • Estoril, Portugal
    • Mills Metro Park
    • Monaco classic
    • Spa classic
    • Brianza classic (unreleased)
    Even though the base content is really good, rFactor will always be about mods and I hope there will be many to come.

    The question of getting the lifetime license depends on how long you will be playing multiplayer consistently. The difference in lifetime price is about 3-4 years extra in what you would spend on a standalone multiplayer license. I think I've owned rFactor for about 5 years and I haven't played multiplayer rFactor in a long time.

    I've probably spent 10-20 minutes in total on registering, paying, installing and setting up graphics, controls.

    If you are familiar with torrents (which is basically just installing a torrent client) then the updating is easier than rFactor and it is getting easier (auto update is now part of the launcher). Instead of having exes for every little mod or update you have a rfmod file you place in your packages folder and install/uninstall in a manager or ingame. This keeps your Windows nice and tidy without all those mod uninstallers plus it makes it much easier to reinstall rFactor 2 since you have all the mods in one place.
    I can't say anything about the server setup but it makes it much easier to be a regular user IMO.

    Remember this is BETA software and if you have never tried beta software before remember that there will be HUGE differences between this and the final product. For example a lot of the tire physics and rain effects are not implemented 100% so don't be expecting a polished simulator.
    You might experience some technical hassles that will be fixed later e.g. unoptimized graphics and compatibility/dependency issues in mods.

    Overall it is totally worth the hassle because nothing drives and feels quite like rFactor 2 and the immersion is so intense (road side animation, sound and shadows) even though many of the annoying quirks of rFactor are still there (HUD, camera, UI). If you like simracing it will most likely put a big smile on your face.
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  4. tjc


    Thanks both Bram and Christian...

    I`m downloading build 85 now so therefor no need for any of the previous builds etc...

    Also downloading the 1960`s world class racing but do I need to download all the cars/mods for it all to work or can I just start with the 1960`s cars/tracks? The tracks come with the cars download yes?

    No problem with it being beta as I`m also testing pCARS and realise how the process works although I know ISI are doing things slightly differently I`m prepared for bugs etc. :)

    Is it only paypal or moneybooker that can be used to purchase or can I use a credit card?

    Oh yeh... I`m bound to be back with more noob questions so please bare with me.

  5. I recommend downloading all official cars/mods and their updates and installing before driving anything since there have been dependency issues. All the tracks are included in the mods so you should install all the mods anyway to get all tracks.

    Paypal was the only option as far as I remember and you can use your credit card directly for it. You get an activation code in your email after the transaction has been confirmed (shouldn't take too long) and then you can tie it to your multiplayer user account at ISI using the laucher. It's thankfully all first party instead of some weird third party DRM.

    Don't freak out if the mirrors are black in the 60's cars since it's a known bug. Have fun :)
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  6. tjc


    Excellent, thanks again Christian. I thought it would probably be best to download all the mods/cars etc but thought I`d ask just to see. :)

    Oh yeh, do I have to download all the updates IE v1.1 then v1.2 etc and install them all in that order or would the latest update, v1.2 for the Formula Renault 3.5 for eg be all that`s needed?

  7. you need all.
    first install 1.0 in all cars
    Next right click and update. you cant update to 1.2 if you dont have 1.1 in packages foldes.
    if you see there are a " * " in left that inform you if has a update to be done.
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  8. tjc


    Nice one, thanks for the info Hugo. :)
  9. tjc


    Ok... I`m all sorted up and have got to say...

    It`s really, really good. Only done some laps at Old Spa and Old Monaco so far but WooHoo!!!

    Gonna enjoy this once I get it all set up right.

    Couple of crappy pics just for fun...



    Thanks for all the help guys. :)
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  10. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Good to see the knowledge of the game, and it's processes becoming familiar to more people, and them helping others out! Thats what a good community is all about.
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  11. tjc


    I couldn`t agree more...

    I really enjoy learning new stuff... games/pc operations/new programs etc.

    Then as you say, it puts you in a position to be able to help others too. :)
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