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Featured rF2 Mills Metropark Release 'Imminent'

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Popular official twitter account for Image Space Incorporated's track building team @isitrackteam today released an exciting sneak preview of the latest bit of new (or old depending on your opinion) content for rFactor 2... the fabled Mills Metropark!

    Coming hot off the back of several new and updated pieces of track content, this latest preview marks a welcome return to a fan favourite from rFactor 1, upgraded, recrafted and polished up to meet the current standards in rF2.

    No release date has been given but as you can see from the image above release is thought to be "imminent". Lets hope this is a little gift that we can look forward to in time for the weekend?

    In other news, it has been noticed that "Alabama Superspeedway, Alabama 500" has appeared on the ISI test servers. Could this be early signs of the spectacular Talladega Superspeedway making its way towards rFactor 2 in the coming weeks? Lets hope so...
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  2. TTupsi


    Oh my is it the GT-R GT500? :x3:
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  3. kamackeris


    It came out yesterday... Travelling back to my pc today... Can't wait to try this track!
  4. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    The track is fantastic, good to have it back in a modern version!
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  5. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Its not the Rfactor 1 version. That version had the S/F on the back part of the track, This looks the same to me as what we had before. Am I mistaken?
  6. MarcG


    You are not, the first RF2 version was vastly updated from the old rf1 version (including the Pits move), that also had Cranes around the S/F Stands and now it's "Finished" in this version :) Nice progression from the ISI Track Team.
  7. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Gotcha, it is a nice version. will the original RF1 Mills track be converted to RF2 by ISI or 3rd party?
  8. MarcG


    ISI won't do it, would have to be a 3rd party.
  9. This looks considerably better than the older version. I'm very pleased with ISI's recent updates and content.
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