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rF2 Fixes and Adjustments List

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Brian Clancy, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Over the next day or so, I will add proven fixes here in one easy to find 'sticky' thread
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  2. Stuttering issues? Try this fix From William Levesque:

    Edit you .PLR file to this:

    Flush Previous Frame="0" to Flush Previous Frame="1"
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  3. Scott and the Luc at ISI have come up with a small tweek you can do in the controller config that will ease the over powerful rattling that some G25/7 owners get when going off track or on the curbs..

    Quote from scott:

    ...such as the G25/G27 you can try increasing this value in your Userdata/player controller.ini file (if you saved your own profile you would have to change it there as well):​
    Steering torque filter="0"

    The range is from 0 to 32.

    This will filter the FFB effect over a series of frames, which will smooth out the feedback and reduce the rattle. Please note that as you increase this value the FFB may start to feel a bit "spongy" or "numb" and that it will increase latency.

    The reason you don't feel/hear this rattle in many other sims is because they by default provide some filtering. By default we do not.

    The value you set this to will be down to personal preference. If it feels good to you, and the rattle/noise is acceptable, then go for it. We did some testing locally and came up with some different values.

    One of our internal testers felt 4 was good.
    Luc settled on a value of 8. He felt any higher felt to numb for him.
    I personally like 16. I could still feel the car, catch it when it got loose, it didn't affect my lap times at all, and I didn't perceive any latency, neither visually nor in feel. Yes, it did feel more on the numb side, but after a few laps I found I liked it actually.

    So, give this a try and see if you can find something acceptable...

    Edit: Please note this is not a permanent solution, but hopefully will get you to something acceptable for the time being...

    Remeber you have to Reselect the profile for it to apply the new .InI file changes
    If you simply change the .InI it will have no effect in the game unless you reselect the profile.

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  4. ATI Gfx Card owners might want to try Abdul Ahmed's Tip:

    I recommend all owners with ATI 5/6000 cards to install this driver update


    fps up to 60 now with some settings at Med from 30 Fps at low (Abdul) and it jumped mine from 75-80 to over 100 Fps in eyefinity with everything on max :D


    Its really important to completely un-install the old Catalyst Drivers before installing the new!
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  5. Settings Adjustment:

    Something I have found and now read about in the ISI forums too, altering some of the graphics setting does not always work until you re-start the game. This could easily lead to quite a bit of confusion for people trying to find an optimal setting.

    I would suggest that when playing with settings, you adjust each one in single increments, one at a time and try at least a couple of laps to get a fair idea of the impact on FPS. Also note, that if you turn shadows off or to low, you can get some graphical glitches such as missing body panels.....
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