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rf aiw cam editor expert (or not) wanted !!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, I m trying to do the Reverse Version of Essingston Circuit (from Rfactor), and I have a problem with AIW file, fisrt of all , I have to say that, I ve done 3 or 4 tracks with the old method (RfAIW program) with success, remember before piddy set the option of making the AIw in BTB, we had to use that, ok, that is, I m not an expert, but i know what I doing (or I thought), well, the problem is that after doing the AIW following step by step the manual, everything seems ok, but in race, the pilots positions/times change everytime with no sense, maybe it s difficult to imagine, without watching it, but if somebody is interested in watching and help to solve it, I can send the circuit.

    And of course if somebody has a solution, just tell.

    Thank you

  2. When you copied the essington_long files into their new folder, did you delete the copied aiw file? If not, there could be some info that's conflicting with your new settings.

    Also make sure the timing gates have been repositioned, or renamed, so that pitin and pitout are swapped, along with xsector1 and xsector2. If you've already done that, try rotating them, as well as xfinish, by 180 degrees.
  3. hi, thank you, I will make a revision

  4. hum, after new revision I found out, that the problem is between sector 1 and 2, I will make some changes
  5. hi, nothing, I have rotated them, and nothing.

    I have extracted the sectors from BTB, and even extracting the gmt from Essington_Long, I dont know what else I can do.

    Would you dare to try? I will send you the circuit. If so tell me how