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Misc Revised Car Physics - Red Bull RB9 1.0

Revised Car physics of the Red Bull RB9

  1. -Clarity- submitted a new resource:

    Revised Car Physics - Red Bull RB9 - Revised Car physics of the Red Bull RB9

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  2. I havent tried it, but you say that you have added more downforce, I think that´s going to affect the tire wear too.
  3. In my opinion the default RB9 is enough competitive :)
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    ..... but I am looking for an 'Anchor' mod to slow the Red Bulls down.

    I think Sebastian should have to drag an anchor behind him in the race (Fernando too)

    ;) :whistling:
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  5. Thanks for your feedback guys. Yes I think it does but after completing a season with Red Bull, I must say that despite the additional downforce, the tyre wear is lower than the average other cars.
  6. how do i open ctf files?
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

  8. tested whit Catheram :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    more grip,more speed in the curve
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  9. I apologize if this isn't the right place for this post BUT, while we're on the subject of the RB9 I'm baffled how Adrian Newey managed to create a car with such straight line speed AND superior down force. Aerodynamics are always a trade off of either one or the other. It's just amazing to me. HE'S amazing to me, to be a genius amongst some of the most brilliant mechanical minds. I'm not a Vettel fan boy or anything but I just wanted to give the man his props. Once again I apologize for the placement of this post. sincerely Dean A
  10. Hahaha ... enjoy mate. .. :p
  11. Newey is a genius yeah. I'm a Alonso fan, and I quite don't like Vettel., but I admire Red Bull Racing. Their strategies, and their car is just .. *-*

    If Alonso went to Red Bull this year, I would've got a heart attack.
  12. Are you suggesting with this mod that Vettel's success is down to the car rather than his talent?

    Well this could be the most realistic mod so far. I'm doing a career season with red bull in the #2 car, and for some reason i was always qualifying 2-3 places behind Vettel, and i could only beat him in the race with a bit of luck.
    It got to the point where i'd have to set a quick flying lap, then spend the rest of qualy just ramming vettel off the road, so I can qualify above him.

    With this mod it feels like i can drive it way faster, and now I only ram vettel just for my own amusement.

  13. Ditto. I have a great respect for Alonzo. He's a fighter and an extremely talented driver, he races "hard but fair" and knows how to extract the maximum from a car. Here's hoping Ferrari get it together next year. P.S. I am DYING to see how things transpire btwn Alonzo and Kimi next year.
  14. Well, his ability to run tyres for longer periods is the key to his dominance. However, the RB9 is , as a matter of fact, the most competitive car on the grid despite its reliability issues. I wish there would be a mod concerning Red bull's reliability.
  15. Yes I am impatient about that as well :3