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Review: Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lee Ross, Aug 25, 2012.

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  2. Enjoyed that one. First one I've seen where they were actually quite negative about something.
  3. I see they use the industry standard 6-10 scale instead of the more logical 1-10.
    "It was just boring... and repetitive. I don't plan on playing this again." - Darin Gangi
    Fun Factor: 6,5/10
    They only have bad things to say about the game yet it gets such a high overall score. I hate it when people try to describe a game by an arbitrary numerical rating system. It just never works. Apart from that it was a good review though 9/10.
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  4. Consider Gamespot.....generally speaking, anything that scores 7-8/10 is of questionable quality, and anything below is usually downright terrible.
    If I couldn't drag myself to fire up a game after spending a few hrs examining it, I'd give fun factor a 1/10, lol.
  5. did he say suddenly mad ? its slightly mad :p
  6. Reaction to the review has been interesting on the WMD forum.
  7. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Yeah with some Popcorn.
    OMG he's wearing an Iracing t-shirt:laugh:
  8. I can't say i'm surprised of the amount of people who took the review and twisted it 180º, but damn, some of the comments were pure drama

    tbhs, if a dev made 3 games with the same horrible AI, even thou claiming to be games targeted at different audiences, i would definitely be worried about their next games containing the very same problems, no matter how much they said it would be different.
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  9. It is hard to take SRT/ISR reviews too seriously and this is no exception but most reviews of this game indicate its poor. I agree with the previous poster about the AI - why they can't match or improve on GT Legends AI is a mystery.

    Still if I can pick it up for a reasonable price on PC it will be hard to resist driving a 250GTO around a 60s Monza.
  10. First, I'm a big supporter of Project CARS and look forward to seeing that new engine develop.

    However, at 4:40 and the use of 'simcade' gets my blood boiling. We all knew this game was meant to extort the Ferrari name (as if baseball hats and cologne weren't enough) using an easy to port Madness engine (Shift). The game is arcade and we all know it.

    I don't understand why those guys can't just pay the $10 for monthly Project CARS builds so they can stop speculating at what it is or what Test Drive vs. pCARS is like. They're nothing alike, guys.

    While you're at it, pay the money for rFactor 2 beta and start looking into the future of racing rather than rehashing old iRacing 'news'.
  11. What shirts were being worn by the ISR crew when they reviewed GSC 2012? They gave Reiza's game a glowing review ;)
  12. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    IAN. Micas.. Hello Hello. You there. Oh where oh where are you? ROFLMFAO.

    I knew it. Just wow. I heard the title was crap before from watching some YT vids and the channel owners commentary.

    PRODUCED BEFORE NFS Shift 1 & 2. Was I really watching a Pcars copycat taken from this to that project. I seen the AI issues that now plague Pcars (Don't feed me they got 5 months left to make all this right. Just Don't.). I see the same track graphics and even noticed dead on camera angle positions in some of the replays like Hockenheim Ring. I seen the garbage physics as well as I'm seeing in Pcars. LMAO.

    These guys just ripped SMS a new A hole (sorry for the language) and even the final score was MORE then enough generous. PC version Purchase? UM NO thanks. AGAIN ALL HYPE, no show. Lying on the box. LYING. Isn't Ian a pro at that? OH I bet the WMD forums are on nuclear meltdown over this.

    Lee you must be smiling over this vid as am I. Was I suprised what Darin and Shawn were gonna say about this simcade as they called it? Absolutely NO wondering at all. Knew it was coming..

    YES any SMS studio guys roaming around in this forum take this to heart my message to you right now: "Ditch the Hype and Eyecandy, and go back to your old roots with a rebuilt New engine. Buy ISI's Gmotor 2 engine. Buy Kuno's new engine. Get your heads outta the sand and wake the hell up".

    Another Bargain bin title soon to be in the stores, and even the console racers aren't playing it online. HMM wonder why? SMS your biggest market in console simcade racers even don't wanna play your game.

    Lastly, Really now I know what to expect TRULY in Pcars. Without a wonder or doubt. SLightly Mad Studios new official name is Slightly Sad Studios.
  13. NO they were generous. NO more. Don't critisize them for reacting to this title in this manner at all. Period. They said everything DEAD BANG on.
  14. Peter on the iRacing Tshirt bit, I have to agree with you there. But I guess their car payments are important enough to them to get iRacing ad Money.

    I do have to question their BS about how amazing ICE Skating is. Yes I do. It's gotten much better. But really, it's merely an ongoing beta sim for life, or till they run outta money. Other then league racing and hosted sessions, the SR/IR series is dying quite quickly as I'm noticing.

    another Nascar 2003 old as hell engine being used to power that skating rink, Amazing online code, racer.