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Review project - Post your incidents (22.august)

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Henrik Jordfald Olsen, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    As a test for coming race reviews I want some timestamps of major incidents during the practice race today.
    Anyone that want something featured have to post in this thread.
    Cannot guarantee that it will be featured.

    For example:
    Pass - 12:30, 43:50
    Crash - 23:10

    (These times should be about 5 secs before the incident occured)
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  2. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I'll post my time stamps as soon as I was able to check my replay. Was to exhausted yesterday... :whistling:
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  3. Same here, but something tells me there is not too many events to capture, the highlight of my race was lapping Jonas according to the new directives :) And the start of course, that is always action packed. I'll edit this post once I have some time stamps, but don't expect gold from me.
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  4. Yes it worked quite good a couple of times but then it also happend that I seemed to block Reik half a lap because there wasnt really an opportunity for him to overtake so then I just tried to let him pass the old way.

    About incidents, I have one to report after the start when Alfonso spun and I couldnt avoid him. On the replay it seems like that bump stabilized him so he didnt seem to loose much time but I was a few seconds behind.

    Henrik, Im wondering, would it help to have statistics for this race like this ?
    Because then you could see things like laptimes, position changes or when someone dropped out.
    If so then Im sure Nico or Kennett can arrange that because I dont know nothing about this stuff :D
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  5. Those stats are easy to make, but they cannot be trusted 100%, I often see mistakes in them. Also, I think it will be less work for the video-maker if drivers list their highlights as described relative to using the statistics. However, if drivers were opposed to posting highlights, the statistics would be a good substitute, but that feels a bit unfair to the video maker :)
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  6. Absolutely, as Nico says, there might be few drivers that post any incident reports.
    Having some kind of overview of the total race would add meat to a skinny production :)

    If it is easy to make Nico, you can show me how to do it :)
  7. You feed the result file (that you'll find at mydrive.ch) into a program called AutoSim Analyzer, and presto, you have the statistics as shown by Jonas :)
  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Here are the time stamps of three interesting situations. The rest of the race was pure fighting with myself and the car. No crashes or passes...

    TS 1155
    Aproaching T3 Henrik spins in front of me. I made a quick move off the track to avoid a collision loosing one position to Tim.

    TS 1252
    I miss the braking point for the first chicane and go wide at the exit. Have to keep it cool on the grass to avoid loosing control and hitting David, who takes P2 from me.

    TS 1487
    Leaving the pits after my first stop I enter T1 on a tight inside line behind Nicolas (6th) and very close behind Dale (16th). Dale seems to overbrake it loosing his tail and spins to the inside of the track close in front of me. I brake hard and turn to the outside to move around him. I slightly touch Dale but no harm to anyone (I asume).
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  9. Jonas: You mean this: http://cream.galleria.fi/PrestoGP/Results/2012.2.15_21.25_britishgp/ That's last season BritishGP results ;) i did those last season but not from all races thou so it would good if there was another who can do these too.. I think the software is here: http://cream.galleria.fi/SRS/ there is a lot of stuff from the Simracingsuomi.com , that's why i originally bought that filespace... we used autosim in SRS to do all results, pretty handy tool.
    EDIT: ASA _1.69.zip is Autosim Analyzer, the other autosim is the weather generator... Hmm weather generator.. was there something i was suppose to do with that software? ...

    I think that passing of Reik & Jonas is a sign of what to expect, leaders are expected to stay up to half a lap, i know i will let them pass even if it costs me time after that.
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  10. ts:2302
    I lapped Jonas :)
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  11. Due to work on track to be more consistent I have had to put the event-review of the test-race on the "do not have to do" -list

    This coming race will be the REAL test :)

    Appreciate all replies though.
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  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    He, he no problem at all Henrik. ;)
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