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Review of Practice Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. There are only a few days left before the grand opening of Season 7. If we want to have an incident free round 1 there is still a lot of work ahead of us, the Practice race proved that.

    I want to underline that I am not trying to pick on anybody, but discussing this openly and in a constructive way is the best we can do to improve.

    I have looked at the three practice starts and also the start of the race. Neither one of these went well, which underlines the need for drastic improvement!

    First of all I will shortly address the main mistakes (with consequences) that were made in the 4 starts:

    Practice starts:
    -Reik and David T both bottomed out in Eau Rouge. This underlines the importance of practicing race starts with race trim. But I am not worried they will make the same mistake in the real race. However, everybody needs to learn from this so NOBODY will repeat this mistake in the real race.

    -Our new guy Dave I think also did the same mistake as Reik and David T.

    -Vincenzo was about to do a "suicide track re-entry", changed his mind just too late, and was not able to get out of the way. Not worried that he'll do the same in the race. And hopefully nobody else will try a "blind track re-entry".

    -Gaetano played with way too small safety margins and didn't get away with it. I am worried for the race because this was more due to attitude (safety vs. competitivenes) than a mistake.

    -Fabian braked way too late going into les combes (close to hotlap braking point). Being 16th he was not pressured from behind (no safety reason to brake late), and he had plenty of cars ahead of him. He showed no attempt to wait for those he rear ended off track. Around the next corner he loses control and oversteers into one of the cars he had hit moments earlier and sends him off the track again. I have seen no post from Fabian where this is addressed, nor do I believe anybody have received an appolegy for race ended after 30 seconds (I believe Peter got up early in the morning to participate in this race). All this is pritty much the opposite of what is expected from (and comes natural to) everybody in our league.

    Changing subjects slightly, I noticed in particular Christian R. (race) and Gaetano (practice start) ran on very narrow safety margins. In Christian's case he was VERY close to to the car ahead. It was controlled, but there was no room for error (or lag/sync issue). I noticed that Reik and Dave "made contact" with more air between their cars than you had to the car in front.

    We all need to apply safety margins, especially in the start of the race when it is so crowded. There are 25 individuals who all must make it without mistakes. If all 25 would drive with Christian's safety margins, the start would almost certainly be a disaster.
  2. delete . understand now. ihave only one problem in eau rouge. when go with half trottle this turn i spin @ the bump out. im the only one that have this problem?

  3. ok here is my start ..
  4. From your computer there is more distance than on the server, seeing your replay it looks considerably better :) Also, perfect way to deal with my "accusations".

    Your driving in les combes is great by the way, leaving room for Sean through the turns :)
  5. thanks :) i miss in gtr evo a spotter who say me where is the other car ... in life for speed it is a good helper to not crashing with other guys ... but i am practice these situations with zizzo many hours on a day
  6. hi r d hi all

    sry for my parking on 1 lap go aut my screen antivirusand go lachy any problem so sry my fault !

    i think what maeby sean have bad start oe maeby more fuel !! don t know ! so pass him but i think withaut any problem or unfair !
  7. Always have and always will.:) Oddly, I find it a real struggle for me to wake up and attend a practice/ fun race @ 3.30 am. Like most people I enjoying sleeping. J

    But come race day it feels like Christmas and I am five years old again. :cool: I jump out of bed when the alarm goes off and make a pot of coffee...:)

    As for the incident, everyone makes errors in judgement and there is no probs here. Good idea to remind everyone that we should either wait for the other car to regain track position or do a self-impossed drive thru penalty??? Reik did that at Silvers; legend :)
  8. About this self imposed penalty, is it going to be changed when there's no pit lane speed limit?
  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I think waiting for the harmed guy is the best solution. Don't know what to do if the harmed driver isn't able to return. But I think in this case the waiting driver lost enough time before he realises the other driver doesn't return and he showed his fair attitude.

    I did this drive through at sivers, because the race director announced this rule for self punishing prior the event. Don't know if we should go on with this rule. The fair waiting is enough in my opinion. :)
  10. I do agree with Reik.

    Thx Nico for the practice race review report, safety will be improved at the next race :)
  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I promise to do some tests with race trim to avoid bottoming and spin in Eau Rouge... ;)

    thx for your work Nico!
  12. RE: my comment regarding the "self-impossed drive thru penalty???". Whatever is decided and or agreed up is fine by me, as per usual [and not that it is important]. :) I was under the impression that this rule/ guideline was still in effect. :confused:

    As for waiting for an affected driver, well it goes without saying that this has been employed since season 1 purely as a demonstration of courtesy and respect. :) As are post race apologies in the forum.
  13. If I remember correctly one could do a drive through as an alternative to waiting for the other car, because sometimes it makes little sense to wait.

    The bottom line however is that we do not want unfair passes and that every driver is self-regulatory and we only expect Gentleman behavior on the track.
  14. -Vincenzo was about to do a "suicide track re-entry", changed his mind just too late, and was not able to get out of the way. Not worried that he'll do the same in the race. And hopefully nobody else will try a "blind track re-entry".

    Sorry! that was my fault.. I tried to re-entry but unexpected my rear tires spinning and hit the wall, this cause my car going in the middle of the track.. you know in real race this not usually happen
  15. On the replay it seemed that any attempt on re-entry would be very dangerous and waiting for everybody to pass was only safe option, I thought your spin was an "abort mission" :) Anyhoo, I know you always are safe in the real race Vince, you have an excellent record, no worries at all :)