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Reversing driveline?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Scott Norbury, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I have been using BTB for a while and, I have the latest version and I am struggling with reversing the driveline on a section of my project for RBR. I have 3 roads linked to a triangle giving a varied use of routes I am sure that you use to append a track and could reverse each piece to be the correct direction how is it possible to do this in the current version I have tried to flip the direction but that changes the whole driveline not just 1 section. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. That function was in the older versions of BTB. In my knowledge you cannot individually change the direction with the current version. Hopefully we get that function back, as it was extremely useful, I don't understand why it was removed.
  3. It was a very handy function for correcting drivelines for RBR is there any easy way to correct a piece that is reversed or do you have to move all the nodes round?
    This function worked very well in the previous version please can it be brought back as it means RBR tracks now have to be loaded in the right way to ensure the drive lines are in the right direction. So this would also mean that instead of building one venue with multiple tacks that can just be re-arranged to produce different stages the whole venue will have to be re-constructed?
  4. Usually I've been selecting the longest track for first and setting it to right direction, then manually added nodes for those tracks which are wrong direction.
  5. As I build my tracks using Google Earth and 3D Route Builder it means that the tracks have to plotted in the right direction before importing into BTB thus I have to re-build the whole venue to create different stage layouts.