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Reverse FFB?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by JoelGL, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Like AMS/SCE, does rF2 have reverse FFB (negative for Logitech wheels, positive for Thrustmaster)? Was driving the mod ASR OWC 96 and FFB was pulling the wheel to the sides.
  2. rF2 doesn't have it in menu options anymore, it should automatically detect the correct direction of FFB at least for the most popular wheels. If not, you can try to load the correct controller profile from in-game, most wheels are listed there.
  3. How do I correct it? I don't use the pre-defined controller profiles and use a customized profile since I use bodnar cables for pedals, and nothing attached to the wheel, so they're treated as different controllers.
  4. When you have multiple controllers, the easy way is to pick your steering wheel from the list and then just redefine the switches as needed. That's what I do in all games for my CSWv2 with G25 pedals & shifter.

    But if you're doing it the harder way... in your player folder, look at controller.JSON. The following line is possibly the answer:
    "Steering effects strength":10000,
    "Steering effects strength#":"-10000 to +10000, applies to all steering effects (torque, resistance, static spring, jolt, etc.)",
  5. Thanks, that did it. I remember selecting default Logitech G27 then remapped, so I'm wondering why it was set to -.