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Results of the track vote

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hockenheim - 75 points
    A1 Ring - 72 points
    Mugello - 56 points
    Bahrain - 55 points
    Misano - 42 points

    Round 1: 31st of August at Spa, ? laps
    Round 2: 14th of September at Monza, ? laps
    Round 3: 28th of September at Singapore, ? laps
    Round 4: 12th of Oktober at Suzuka, ? laps
    Round 5: 19th/26th of Oktober at “Hockenheim”, ? laps
    Round 6: 02nd/09th of November at “A1 Ring”, ? laps
    Round 7: 16th of November at Abu Dhabi, ? laps
    Round 8: 30th of November at Interlagos, ? laps
    Round 9: 14th of December at Hungaroring, ?laps
    Round 10: 21st of December at Valencia Street, ? laps

    Votes received from Euro-league:
    24 out of 26

    Cristian Di Fillipo
    Eliezer Bartik

    This means that the Race Director regard the communication with 24 of the drivers as satisfactory. I suggest Cristian and Eliezer provide the Race Director with an alternative address as the excisting one does not seem to be working too well.

    Votes received from Pacific-league:
    1 out of 9
  2. Now that the calendar is completed in terms of tracks, we need to decide the dates of Round 5 and 6, and also confirm that the rest of the dates work well (do any of the rounds collide with something else important?)

    The length of the races cannot be decided until we decide what format we will use. Therefore we have to wait with this until after the practice race in 13 days time :)

    Lastly we need to sort out the skins. For me this is very important, because the "name-tags" doesn't work for me, so I have to identify the cars around me from recognision.

    I will open a thread for skins, where everybody can post what skin they are using. Personally I will use the same skin that I always use :)
  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    this sounds like the practice race is on 24th of August, right? :)

    And it looks like some drivers like the Hockenheimring. Well, why not. :) Good to see that with A1-Ring a new track enters the list. Can't wait the challenge...
  4. As much as i'm starting to brick it about my upcoming first season lol My vote for round 5 is the 19th as its my b'day! (Not that its really worth celebrating these days :rolleyes: hehe)
  5. Ehh, not really, that was just a mistake from me :)

    I haven't studied the list yet, but the practice race will be when the most are able to participate (when the majority wants to race) , and I guess it is likely that it will be the 24th :) But everybody should be able to find that out just as easily as me :)
  6. Bricking is a good sign :) That means that you honestly are afraid to crash into somebody else, and that is a very healthy attitude. Most of us are acctually very nervous in the seconds leading up to the green lights on a race night... it is a pritty special feeling :)