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Research and Development?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by danclark, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I'm in a 7 year career with Virgin and at some race weekends the engineer tells me there is some R&D to be done. So I select the option and beat the time objective and come back to the pits.

    There appears to be no confirmation that it has actually happened. Furthermore in P2 and P3 the engineer again tells me there is R&D and when I look it is exactly the same development with exactly the same target time.

    Up to now I have been going out and repeating the same R&D 3 times, one in each session. Is repeatedly offering the same R&D another bug so I'm just wasting my time completing it several times or is it supposed to work like this with a cumulative effect?

    Does anyone know/have the same experience?
  2. well mine worked same as yours (P1,P2,P3 same upgrade, slightly diff times) but usually for Qualifying or the Race I would have the upgrade (or sometimes it would take until next race for them to make it)
  3. You R&D in practice and get the upgrade installed for quali or race.
  4. Research & development


    I did a search on the forum but i could not find any related threads, so i post this new thread;

    In the manual there is no explaining how it works. In the garage, the option only lets me slide the bar a bit, without explanation what it does.

    Can anyone give me a short explanation how it works?

    Thanks in advance

    your grounds keeper.
  5. If you're a team #1 driver you can select a field of R&D and tick it (like when you're ticking a box in the quick set-up menu) and that'll be the type of improvement that you get given over the next couple of races etc.

    Must admit, I haven't really bothered wih it too much.
    You tend to start off as a #2 driver and then out-race your team-mate regardless of what upgrades are developed so it doesn't really matter which direction the R&D takes IMO.
  6. me too now im starting year 2 as number one driver so im hoping i can change or control the R&D
  7. How to do you select your R & D approach? you have to do it at the start of the season?
    i am in my second racing for HRT. I swapped from Virgin to HRT. I became 1 st driver but i dont know how to change it