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Requests: Want's & Don't Wants in a Rally!

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ashok Revanna, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Folks,

    Am not sure whether we have a topic over this, but have a few requests while the organizers design a rally.

    1. Please don't make any Tarmac Mod for the Finland stages, it sucks all the enthu out of the rallyists if it happens when the car goes off road & it never wanna come back on road again before doing funny moves & wasting all the good time! While other mods like gravel works fine AFAIK!
    2. Medium Fog & Thick Fog for stages like 'Cote d Arbroz' (sorry if I spelt it wrong), gives no visibility & is very difficult to manage it on road (err... am I complaining here :)
    3. ....dont have anymore!!:wink:
    Has anybody noticed or experienced any more issues? Please list them!

    Hope the Rally Organizers re-evaluate & imply them in the rally's to come!
  2. I moved this thread into the main RBR Forum, the Rally Club is basically for listed events.
  3. Thanks for the info Ashok, we try to test each surface mod before using them to try to minimise these issues.
    I know I have tested tarmac on many of the default gravel stages (including Finland, USA, and England) and I know many of them don't work well, so I avoid those.
    Not sure if we have used thicker fog at Cote D'Arbroz, usually I find light fog is enough anyway.

    Appreciate your initiative in putting these comments forward to us, we like to hear the views of others. :)
  4. Glad to hear you're not a Med and Thick Fog fan, Warren :). I found them fun on one side, since you really have a hard time driving, but as seen a few times it makes for a real unbalanced results - I think that the drivers most familiar with the stage(s) are still the fastest and the difference is very big. Possibly turning the "3D pacenotes" helps, but that's missing the point of using the fog in the first place, right?

    I would like to hear some other opinions about the fog too. Generally I don't mind wet or modded surface (it's a proper challenge), but the fog is concerning me a bit after last couple of rallies.
  5. Well, I think Finland & England on Tarmac are great and the Med/Thick fog mods work well. I also think the Dusk mod is well done. In a rally you have to drive in ALL conditions at all times of day.

    As far as Finland and the mods for those stages go I think the semi-solid snow banks cause some issues. Nobody has been able to re-mod the stages and turn the scenery a normal surface. it is an issue for all the surface mods there, but really i think it is a small price to pay for great drivers stages. If you have trouble getting back on the road, simple........................don't leave it;)

  6. Hahaha, I know thats the objective of the drivers, but we (atleast me & may be other KB drivers here too) face some serious trouble in doing the whole stage on road :p

    Do we love off road... oh yeah :D
  7. Rain, fog, mud, snow, tarmac, gravel... Thats rallying, bring it all on!
  8. Yeah Aaron, all is well :) but its fun only when the virtual reality is good!!!

    I just wanted to highlight them, thats all & I am not complaining!!!
  9. Mick Aspinall

    Mick Aspinall

    Was a time when night stages were common place in most rally events. Personally i would like to see more use of night, fog, whatever time or weather that fits the character of the event.
  10. I agree with Aaron,that make all more realistic!this is a simulator guys and in the real life the rallyes are maked with all conditions!
  11. Yes, you are right. I' m 100% with you.
  12. Guys, I was not complaining on the toughness of any stage, but was only putting up the pitfalls of the sim, which was not realistic to the real world stages on a few mods..

    like no1. when the tarmac mod on the finland stages (normally snow stages) which behave somewhat funny & uncool if the car goes off-road..
    no2. the heavy fog in some stages were blinding & the sim doesn't have the option of switching on the headlight manually, so again not realistic...

    thats it... I too love the challenge & more toughness.. personally I am a motorbike rally rider in my real life too. have done one endurance cross country rally in rainy & treacherous conditions for 5 days, which is more dangerous than sitting in a car or with the sim... trust me!! every bit of it was scary & I am yearning to do it again all this 2011 season too (if funding goes smooth for all the rallies)

    Check my youtube channel for some videos of a I was riding!!
  13. Thats awesome Ashok, I ride motorcycles myself, not in any competitive fashion tho. I have 2 Hondas at the moment, a street bike and a dirt bike. This is me in the mountains, at almost 3000 meters.

  14. Wow!! Thats a nice cross bike you got there Aaron, & a lovely offroad mountain trail too! You know its a very rare & posh thing to have a dirt bike here back in India..

    Just wish to have it one fine day! Thanks for sharing....
  15. Just drive in the World Stages > Paddys and the huge jump there was awesome!.. can be an additional track(maybe last stage) in some of the rdrc events.

    *plus that jump can be a great shot when Senad whats to do some highlight from that event.

    just my thoughts
  16. Isn't Paddy's just a cut and paste of sections of Mineshaft II, but with Tarmac mod and some graphic changes? :confused:
  17. ^yup your right, I just saying it can be a good short finishing stage :)