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Request to admin (tutorials subforum)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mianiak, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Can we please have a tutorial's subforum?
  2. Good idea. now they're all over the place.
  3. Would probably be best if you implemented them into SimTrackipedia
  4. Yeah ok, I understand, but it just doesn't calculate right. These are the BTB forums, everything to do with BTB should be here. Putting things in 2 places only causes confusion. But it's not my gig and I respect others wishes :) and please don't take me the wrong way, SimTrackipediais a really good thing, it's just hard to find if your new to all of this.

    Actually, now when I think about it, can you change the title of the sticky topic for it and have the word 'Tutorials' in there? The current topic is hard to pick up as a place to go for tutorials, especially if English isn't your first language.
  5. I think Mianiak is right, all BTB related stuff should be here.
  6. Agreed - should be here
  7. Come on Ryan, create the tutorial's subforum.
    You only have to read the older messages, decide if it is a tutorial and then copy into new sub-forum.
    Done in a minute ;) You're very lazy just like me ;)
  8. Frankly Andre I do not appreciate your tone lately. Calling other members, never mind staff, lazy is completely uncalled for.

    How about you consider the fact I do not have the ability to create sub-forums?
  9. Sry m8, just tried to get the humour back / friendly approach.
    Did'nt say you are lazy, just said you're as lazy as I am ;)
    Nothing to do with other members.
    O my, who can create sub fora then ?
  10. Whether you tried to soften the insult with a joke or not, it is unwarranted.

    You need to talk to an Administrator about it.
  11. I suggest you read your post again. What you said was 'You're very lazy'. How lazy you happen to be is irrelevant.
  12. Yep, I did read my post again and what I did say was only: You're very lazy just like me ;) Don't have to explain it all again. It's going too far now.
    Some people take it all to serious and don't seem to understand a little friendly humour.
    Just a another example of not understanding each other, Ja proberly my fault ?
    I never wish to insult someone, I just tried to find out how to get the subforum.
    So plz let's go back to the topic ?
  13. Why not create a sticky message? After that add all relevant tutorials, right?
    I mean in that way we dont need subforum .
  14. A sticky thread with links to the tutorials?

    If someone wants to cook that up, feel free, then I will stick it.
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Which of the current stickies are obsolete and can be unstuck guys?
  16. I've been through that Bram and there was one that needed unsticking that I could see, they all seem relevant and important topics.
  17. I had already considered a sticky, but who ever creates it must be prepared to keep it updated, no point having it start then stop cause someone has vanished. Maybe it would be a good idea if you started the thread Ryan, then we can post links in replies, you can then take those links and add them to the opening post.
  18. Well, I don't mind keeping it up to date once it's up and running, I can do that. It would be best if one of you guys could get it started.
  19. OK, I'll do that, give me a few days to get it together.

    How about we get a collection of links here in this thread to start with? Many minds make light work :D

    With simtrackpedia I will list each tut on there as an individual link but under a heading simtrackpedia. That way all possible known tutorials for btb will all be in the one post in alphabetical order.
  20. BTB Tutorials

    As a start I think it's nice/fair to use Brandon's own tuts first:



    Walls - Add

    Walls - Move Nodes

    Walls - Edit Shape

    Walls - Edit Materials

    Walls - Capping

    Walls - Marks on Track

    XPacks - What are They?

    Objects - Adding

    Objects - Editing

    Tracks - Merging

    Ripple Strips

    First Track http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_first_track.wmv
    Shape http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_shapes.wmv
    Materials http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_materials.wmv
    Venue Materials http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_venue_materials.wmv
    Cambers http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_cambers.wmv
    Widths http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_widths.wmv
    Ripple Strips http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_ripple.wmv
    Cambers on Edge http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_cambers_on_edge.wmv
    Fly Over's http://rbr.worldserve.de/btb/videos/tut_flyover.wmv

    @Mianiak: Only BTB tuts and also other tuts like for SketchUp, Photoshop, Gmax, Blender, 3DS Max etc etc ?