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Request for Reiza Studios.......

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeff Huber, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Hey guys......I know Reiza studios has their hands full right now with fine tuning things with the released version. But I wanted to ask about if it might be possible , or something you may be interested in......and that's a couple "fantasy tracks ".

    All the "Real" tracks are awesome....don't get me wrong. But what about ( just for fun )....let your imagination run wild and make a couple tracks that are challenging , flow well , big and have some cool scenery? It could be just about anything.....since there isn't a 'Real" track to compare it too.....you could do all sorts of stuff.

    I know you base the sim off of real tracks ( but so do the other sims).....why not try something new?

    With how talented you guys are in creating this stuff....I think you guys could break the mold a little by producing a couple fantasy tracks.

    I dunno.....just throwing it out there. Thanks for creating such an awesome ( and affordable ) sim for us! I have quite a few sims / arcade race games.....and I always find myself coming back to the GSC titles.I wish I would have found this sim sooner!

    So thanks for everything you guys have done so far.
  2. Nox


    I see what you're saying but personally I prefer real tracks; there are plenty of people out there who will mod fantasy tracks. I love the fact that there are real tracks I'd never heard of before, like Cordoba and Taruma, which are fantastic tracks. If Taruma had been a fantasy track, would it have made much difference?

    I like that they make cars and tracks you are not likely to find in every other racing game.
  3. ProdigyXP


    More tracks (of any kind) are always a good thing. :) I understand where the OP is coming from. Maybe the Reiza guys would like a little creative freedom once in a while?

    One of the reasons I was a little hesitant to purchase this game originally, was because it didn't have any tracks I had ever raced before (everyone has their personal favorites). I was blown away by how much I enjoyed these "unknown" tracks (obviously from a non-Brazilian perspective). Not only are they fun to drive, but so far, I've found that I get used to them fairly quickly.

    That said, I have already started grabbing some of my old stand-by tracks from mod sites, and testing them out. Funniest part? I find myself going back to the original tracks that came with this game. :)
  4. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Thanks for the input guys. And as i was saying.....I agree that the " real " tracks are what the majority of us will drive on......but " Just for fun " it would be really cool to see what Reiza studios could come up with if they just let themselves go crazy. Not worrying about having a specific track to the inth degree of perfection......but something really wild and fun. Something like Bathurst with some 45 degree banked turns , over bridges , country side........who knows?

    I think the guys at Reiza are extremely talented with what they do.....and to give them a chance with a " No holds barred " type track(s).........what could they make? I think there could be some hidden gems locked away in their ideas......and we would do nothing but reap the rewards with something like that!

    They pulled the Karts out....and look at how popular those things are getting as an example.

    Just my opinion anyways.
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  5. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios

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