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[REQUEST] Early Fall in Norway CG version

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by latrippa91, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone :) Is possible to upload a CG version of Early fall in norway for racer 0.8.35 ? now i have this track but is not in CG version and it doesn't work :frown: thanks :)
  2. I Don't think a cg version exists. You might try doing the shaders ourself, they aren't too hard to do.
  3. great beemer!
  4. That's not a shader problem, but a sky one! Try copying the sky.dof and sky textures to the Early Fall folder and replace the sky sections in the track.ini and special.ini for the ones from the Carlswood default track! :)
  5. it doesn't work :( can you help me ? here is the link for this files http://www.mediafire.com/?epmbbw7s489b4rx
  6. I'll see if I can fix that sky problem, I think the problem is in the special.ini file, if I remember correctly.
  7. hello there! i have the same problem with an old track, Sugo, can you post a how to /tutorial for the newcomers like us?
    it would be great to start learning!:D:D
  8. So what's new? have you corrected the problem?
  9. Working diligently on the problem. It's a real difficult thing to correct as the sky is not made in the traditional way and there were 1200kb of Qlog errors which I am also fixing.

    Just replacing the sky.dof with carlswood's sky really doesn't fix the problem. I had this track all fixed a long time ago but the file got deleted from my hard drive as well as my backup drive, a real bummer and these senior moments prevent me from remembering just what I did to fix it before.

    I tried to increse the size of the skybox.dof as well as the sky.dof but that isn't working yet. Just be patient, please.

    Pedro, what track are YOU having problems with?
  10. I believe flags=8 in geometry.ini fixes it, but the version I've got is only updated to 0.8.5, since it's a lot of work when versions change so often.
  11. Thank you for your hard work Boomer:D:D

    hello, im having problems with sugo, its this track

    my current projects / objectives are:tongue: :
    ----bringing the old 87 crx back to life

    ----making a brand new CRX 91
    (i bought a new game to have an actual model legally, and i managed to get an interior too)

    ----fixing Japanese tracks (i started with Sugo) if you could help i would appreciate (thanks!!!)

    but since im a new comer to racer im still researching various things, and that track Sugo seems to have everything good but the sky:redface:
  12. I think I've solved the problem, just need to do a bit more tweaking and I want to add a bit of terrain in the area where it's missing.

    Then I'll put it in the download section or a lot of little 7-zip files as we can't post big ones.

    Pedro, I'll check out the track in your link.
  13. Early Fall in Norway cg version updated. Read the readme file before trying to run the track.

    There is no cache or tod file included, use tod from carlswood or make your own. The cache file is generated the first time you run the track.



    This is my first time using Mediafire so I hope it works!
  14. Now I'll work on Sugo, an interesting track which shouldn't take too long to fix.
  15. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  16. Sugo will run, with dense fog, just by setting the version to 090 in the car.ini file.

    My efforts have the track too dark, virtually no shadows, which is a problem when tracks/cars are converted there are a lot of Qlog errors.

    All dof's had to be run thru dof_fix or optimized using modeller. After finding a three dof's with bad errors, like missing textures, I put the errent dof's thru my 3d graphics program and found way too many duplicated vertices. When eliminated the dof's were the way theu should be and the track was nice and sunny.

    So it'll take a while to do all the dof's, retexturing is a bear, so hang in there and be patient as this is a very good fun track to drive.
  17. thank you so much boomer for all the work you had with the track, i tested a few tracks this week and all of them have the same problem of Sugo curiously, tested out Suzuka, Tsukuba and Twin ring Motegi and all have the same problem
    i finally decided on the car, i got to take photos of everything and make a post
    i will be waiting Thank you so much for your support!!!:D:D:D