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request cockpit mod with hud

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Undertaker, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hy,

    A long time ago i downloaded here a nice cockpit mod with hud, but without the cornering stuff.
    But i needed tot reinstall the computer and forgot to backup the cars directory and lost the files.
    I can't find them here since the site changed (i dont like it).
    Does anyone have a mod for me for just the normal cam position and only the hud on the right side of the screen, i would be thankfull.

    Below i put an image of what i mean, here you can see it is leaning in the corners, i do not want that, i only want the HUD, if anyone can tell me how i can do that or has a mod, thank you.
  2. Modmates centred cams - choices of huds and antennas ... no cornering stuff

  3. Thank you Stevehaz_uk

    This file is a logitech driving force fix. I dont need that, my driving wheel is working just fine.
    maybe a mistake with the file?
  4. Here is a solution how to make original cockpitcam to have a HUD. Convert cameras file with Fergo bin xml, open it with a notepad... Press F3 for searching, write HEAD-CAM and press enter. First cam you find is a "head-cam"... After head-cam write HUD without interval to have "head-camHUD" , then close and save the change. Then convert it again to xml and replace the original file in your cam folder and VOILA.:cool: Good luck.
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  5. Sorry - here is the correct link ...

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  6. Thank you, I allready have downloaded the mod the other person gave me, but i olso did what you said and i have seen what you mean, so thank you for the comment. I will use it.
  7. This link worked, thank you for the files.
  8. Sorry the link is dead, can you please upload it on other sites like mediafire? Many thanks!
  9. Code:
  10. Cheers mate!:)
  11. Hey guys, i couldn't get the last link to work, is it dead again?

    If anyone has this can they upload?


  12. /deleted
  13. /wrong
  14. Can u change cockpit zoom in that file?
  15. Yes, you have two options: to increase or decrease FOV or to move your head view forward or back, up or down... First of them will find on the second raw under "cockpitcam", its called cockpit FOV=... (or something like that, have no a camfile ATM in me, i am at work)... The second was some raws lower, but cant remember... If you post here some camfile will tell you where is up/down/fore/back/shake/turn left/right... You can touch everything.
  16. Hello.
    I'm now editing "Nose Cam" Mod for F1 2012, whick also includs "Cockpit Cam with HUD".
    I could not find the link to the old forum, but I'd like to add a link to this thread in my Readme.
    Thanks again to everyone here at RaceDepartment modding community :)