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Repus xPlora RPE

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Lipton, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Every cheap car needs a hot version which is also cheap, good to drive, good to look at and economical. I pondered over fitting this with either a diesel or a petrol engine but in the end i decided to go the way of a dual-forcefed(turbo+supercharger) 1.3 3cyl (same as in the recently released Velox Coupe 1.3Fi) petrol sending its power to all 4 wheels (biased towards the front). Then i added some big rims, red calipers, a mean looking paintjob and two big oval exhausts at the back.


    weight: 1.19t
    engine: 1295cc i3 turbo+supercharged 188hp @ 7500 rpm / 300 Nm @ 2000 - 4100 rpm
    acceleration: 0-100kmh - 7.8 sec
    0-160kmh - 21.4 sec
    top speed - 202 kmh
    100-140kmh in 4th - 6.4 sec
    100-140kmh in 6th - 8.9 sec

    Dl link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racer-cars-72/repus-xplora-rpe-2794/
  2. I can't drive it. The car is to low on the wheels... He goes jumping:)
  3. The car only probably works in the newer Racer betas. . .What version do you have?
  4. I have an old version, and an new version. By the new version, i don't see the needle of the counters...
  5. in the lastest version, the needles should be visible when you turn on the lights (the "L" key).

    just one person downloaded this?
  6. I downloaded it too and you can rev up to 8000rpm! :good:
  7. @Lipton,

    that's right, but is it normal? what is the reason (not only your cars...;)).
  8. But, I have to say: nice car, nice sound;). But 8.000 rpm in a Midi-MPV...:p. Crazy:), but nice. Good job!
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It's just a racer bug, I believe. Hopefully it'll be fixed for the final :)
  10. Well that was the whole point of the car :D Do you guys think a hot diesel version of this would work. Was also thinking of doing a rugged off-road oriented version (a bit like those Icelandic 4x4s). Will also release the all wheel drive version of the standard car pretty soon.
  11. i know, the whole point;). But I can't find any real MPV for 8.000 rpm....:).
    I think, a diesel version will be great:). Also a off-road (diesel).
  12. If you were given the chance to buy two very similar MPVs and one would redline at 6000 rpm and the other would redline at 8000 and have better fuel consumption, which would you go for.
  13. I even can imagine a whole family with 3-4 petrol and diesel variants... Nice btw, i tried it... I need a diesel... Maybe, just a hint... You should use the previous diesel engines (1.2 cTD, 1,8 cTD), just like IRL, the big brands doing this... eg. the 1.9 CTDi engine from Gm is placed into a bunch of cars...

    I put my few cents.
  14. Of course for the one with a better comsumption. But, give me an example of the real car-market...
  15. Well for example Polo GTI vs Clio RS. Roughly the same hp but the Polo has a 1.4 turo+supercharged so it has better fuel consumption for when you don`t drive it flat out. Small turbo engines have the same hp and more torque than regular naturally aspirated engines of larger displacement.
  16. I know, but the Repus is a MPV-car. Not a Hot-Hatch...
  17. well one of my Racer fetishes is putting the same engine in various cars and seeing how well/badly they perform. So do expect that in the future.
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Whatever floats your boat.. O_o