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Repsol Honda F1

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by saclakadomin, May 17, 2012.

  1. The minimum, it is to ask before using the work of the other one.:thumbsdown:
  2. but he hasnt copied your work your brilliant dont get me wrong but he got the vjmo4 livery and he has done something to it
  3. The skin is based on warok's VJM04 skin. First post.
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  4. looks like **** :thumbsdown:
  5. Show a little respect, maybe you can do better. Its rude to criticise people like that, if you don't like it then its your problem.
  6. Look like you can make any car at all lol so dont comment if you cant to it better
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  7. Thank you Schifty, you have my respect.
  8. that's not the point :D ^^ XD it's because the Repsol Team Don't look like this or i am wrong?
  9. Well - modding isn't all about copying things that already exist, but about inventing your own stuff; saclakadomin never said it was a conversion of the MotoGP Repsol Honda Racing team - it's just based on it.

    If you are looking for a more MotoGP-like look, check out ML2166's works. I remember him having done an HRT in a Repsol design.

    By the way, the comment

    is neither constructive nor respectful. Please, if you have criticism to share, do it with the respect anyone who shares his work with us deserves. I'm sure criticism, if said in "nice" words, will be accepted much faster than the way you said it.
  10. :(sorry
  11. Don't be too sad about it, it's not an offense - it's just that this kind of disrespect is the reason why many modders are so incredibly fed up with the community.

    Let's try to keep a good climate here at RD, right?

    All the best.