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Replica Acura ARX02-A

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Zizza17, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Hello guys,

    Today I want to share with you a project that I'm working for more than six months, the steering wheel replica Acura ARX-02A.

    Those months have been spent looking for pictures and information on the web and starting to make a 3d model of the steering wheel

    Finally today I have an "Alpha" version of the wheel

    Now it's time to make a mold and working on it with carbon fiber

    What do you think guys?
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  2. I admire anyone with the ambition and skills to make something from scratch like this. Kudos to you sir.
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  3. Looking good! What wheelbase are you going to be using it on?
  4. i have a t500rs for wheelbase but i hope to change it soon with simsteering or other similar product.

    My Idea is to make a little production of this wheel to sell and in the future i make some other "gadget" that i have already modelled (site coming soon).
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  5. Hi guys! This is the last 2 render that i made and if everything goes fine i have the first wheel at the end of February.
    Unfortunately in these days i lost my work, so for now i need to make the wheel in ABS wrapped with Carbon Look film to save money but i hope in the near future i can use real Carbon Fiber to make this wheel
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  6. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson
    Premium Member

    Dont worry I am sure with the talent you have, you have a new job soon...JeanYves
  7. hi guys, I have a little update!! the 3D model is finally finished in all its details and so now I only need to print everything.

    Yesterday I talked with a friend about a new filament for 3D printing and he told me that the strength of this is 6,2Gpa ..... I'm no expert on the subject so I ask help.
    I tried to do some online conversions and if I didn't it wrong 6,2Gpa correspond to 6200n/mm2 and so to 632kg/mm2 right?
    What you think of this filament?
  8. I would honestly get on a Specific forum for 3d printer's, There's a LARGE variety of materials to print with and with vastly different properties.

    PS look forward to seeing this wheel.
  9. Make it out of "reasonable" materials so some of us poor folks can buy one :thumbsup: when you start taking orders. I'm happy with just a faux carbon fibre look.
  10. Have you looked into Water Transfer printing for the Finish ? should be reasonably cheap and offer a quality finish.
  11. Sorry for the very late reply guys, i'm a bit busy because luckily i found a new work :D:D

    In these days I have tested about 10 different materials and finally i found the right one... i just send a wheel without all the the electronics at one friend that have the OSW to the final test. however for wheels like logitech and thrustmaster it work very well...

    I'm working on that, however the price it's in line with other product, just to talk the button used in the steering wheel it's the same (newer version) used on the real one, but if needed i could use the cheaper one that cost about 90% less than this, the "problem" is with the screen and with the sli board that together cost more than half of the entire steering wheel

    yes i looked at that i already have made a little test, the finish look is very good but i need to sand the pieces because it's a slightly scratched due to the printing process, another solution might be to use a Carbon Fibers film like the 3M DI-NOC that as "3 dimensional" surface at touch. With that I don't need to sand the pieces and the time of building the wheel is much lesser.
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  13. Lookin good Zizza, any new pictures of the material your using ?
  14. Very nice work mate, keep the pics coming please. cheers AussieStig
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