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replays still gonna suck after the much hyped patch?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Apex1972, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. what happened to these views? all the trailers as well as the intro video that comes on the pc game itself have the proper tv like views so the excuses that its not possible with the ego engine just dont fly with me. however, the cameras do appear to be flying. codemasters, wake up and get off twitter and start fixing things. sheesh.
  2. That's a trailer, they aren't supposed to be representative of gameplay.

    I feel sorry for Codemasters (well, developers in general really); fans have become so over-entitled now it's ridiculous. There's a huge section of the community complaining that the game isn't realistic enough while the other half is complaining that their name doesn't appear on the car or that the replay cameras don't match those at the track.

    The game is far from perfect (very far), but it's fun. I've been on the end of a few bugs, mainly the three-stop tyres one and obviously 11/11, but the community has now taken it upon itself to become a QA team and search for bugs instead of enjoying the game. Either that or complaining about things that either can't be implemented or were never promised, trivial things that don't matter while huge bugs exist.

    Their community is a first-class example of how the fans don't know what's best for them.
  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Hey Ash,

    Some valid points but I would say that the reply system in the game is pretty appalling and something that was widely criticised with 2010 so the fact that they didn't make any improvements at all is pretty disappointing. I am not really bothered by the camera angles but the lack of proper replays sucks big time. That six or seven second segment we get as part of the flashback facility is pretty much useless as was pointed out at length to Codemasters time and again.

    If Codemasters had QA'd the game properly themselves we the buying public perhaps wouldn't feel as though we are the only real QA the game gets at times.

    However, it is still an amazing game and one that will be played to death by me until the next one comes out.
  4. Same crappy replays that were in Dirt 2, Dirt 3 and F1 2010, I can't imagine a patch is magically going to make them look good.
  5. For a game that looks so good, it's a shame that Codemasters did not incorporated a better replay and camera utility.

    In F1 '99-2002 you could follow every car at any time in practise, qual and in the race. Even when you DNF, you could spectate the rest of the race and still get entertained.
    You could learn a lot about a new track by watching the AI taking corners and see where the AI was strong and weak.

    But I think its because that the game cheats when you are not there. In practise & qual the AI cars is not really racing when you are not on the track,- the times are just numbers on the screen.

    Anyway, I really hope they will improve on that in 2012,- it's such a goodlooking game.
  6. and on the other side, so many of the fanboys feel that just because THEY arent bothered by a certain flaw such as the un improved replay system that others should not be either and say things like shut up troll go play rfactor.
  7. Are you serious? Do you have any idea of how easy would be for CM to put a couple decent cameras?
  8. they have to save something to entice us with for next year. only to leave it out due to license restrictions or time limits. if they worked on the game more and tweeted less, we might have a banger of a game on our hands.