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Replays for edit?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ondrej Kapal, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I want to ask if has here someone experiences with replays and their edits, I mean how to use properly camhack in replay, how to pause the replay, how to turn off timing in replay and music?

    like here, I want to get camera to the similar positions.. dunno how

    I was informed it was made by camhack

  2. That video is epic, I'd also like to know how it's done. So many details.
  3. 10/10 liveforspeed2006
  4. Ok, got everything now, RBRdll + camhack.

    Slow it down with RBRdll (Page Down).
    Find a camera angle you like with camhack (enable with *, move with numbers on the right, mouse view enabled with 0)
    Drop the camera with RBRdll (backspace).

    It's a bit tricky moving the camera around. Will upload a test video in a couple of minutes :).
  5. Thanks Senad that you found it! :) I am looking forward to your video
  6. It's really hard to get the camera where you want it to be, because the car is constantly moving. If I press End to pause it, the view changes, so that's useless. Is there another way?

    Tried a couple of times, and I still couldn't get the moment I wanted, so here's just a test video with three random scenes.

  7. How can I start that RBRdll, I have it in RSCenter but when I click on it nothing happens
  8. Try looking in your RBR folder and double clicking on RBRdll.exe, if you have it.
  9. it is terrible to control :D
  10. How can I turn off that information (left down - paused, slow motion)? I mean, if I will be making video, I dont want to have it here! :D
  11. From rbrdll_readme.txt :

    To use RBRdll, run RBRdll.exe. This will launch Richard
    Burns Rally with the new features enabled.

    These keys can be used in-game to control RBRdll:

    Time controls (during replay):
    - Insert: Fast forward (hold down)
    - Del: Slow motion (hold down)
    - End: Pause time (hold down)
    - Page Up: Accelerate time
    - Page Down: Decelerate time
    - Home: Reset time acceleration

    Postprocessing controls:
    - App-P: Postprocessing on/off
    - App-Page Up: Blur strength up
    - App-Page Down: Blur strength down
    - App-Home: Darkening strength up
    - App-End: Darkening strength down
    - App-Insert: Blur Hardlight strength up
    - App-Delete: Blur Hardlight strength down

    AVI Recording:
    - App-R: Start/resume recording
    - App-E: Pause recording
    - App-T: Stop recording

    - App-M: Replay minihud on/off
    - App-H: Help screen on/off
    - App-F: FPS meter on/off
    - App-N: Pacenote editor on/off
    - Backspace: Drop/restore camera (replay)
    - Backspace: Pause/unpause (pacenote editor)

    The "App" key is the application key, located between the right
    windows key and the right ctrl.

    You can change various default settings by editing RBRdll.cfg
    with a text editor (like Notepad). When changing settings
    in-game using the keyboard shortcuts, the settings are not
    saved to the configuration file.