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Replay Help

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I know all these rules about submiting Q laps, but i find it a bit difficult to find the rigth replays. so does anyone have some tips for making it easyer

    and this Pre-Q. when is that. just before Q1 ?

    Thanks on advance
  2. Hi,
    When you complete your pre qual just goto replay fridge find the bahrain hotlap vcr which was your pre Q, rename it to bahrainpreq.vcr.
    Then goto q1 with everyone else and once q1 is finishedyou have time to rename it or leave it as its only a problem if you dont rename the pre qual because Q1 would over write pre qual.
    Ive prob made this sound alot more confusing than it is, but its really simple!!!
  3. Well ,I hope I do evrything right with this,but I can be sure after sundays race.
  4. okaii i got it. but what is Pre-q accually
  5. You have the grid formation procedure on the rules. Take a look to the rule package (in your case, the general rules document + WT rules supplement).


  6. odd. i red all that, but missed the point XD

  7. Lol pre qually is determined who drives in grid 1.
    As you know there are 26 grids slots on grid 1 with lets say 50 drivers trying to gain those grid slots! This is achieved by doing pre qually.

    The top 26 times from prequally goto grid 1 for q1;)