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Replacing helm thumnail in helm menu?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by maisinator, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. You will have to

    1 Use Ryder PSSG Editor to open up the frontend/b_nonpersistent.pssg and find the textures that have the helmet images (there are 5 of them).
    2.Extract the one you want depending on which helmet you're replacing (you will have to figure that out yourself).
    3.Open the .dds in photoshop (Paint.net will work too) and replace with your helmet.
    4. Import it back into b_nonpersistent.pssg
  2. 1. Use 3DSimEd.exe for export file *.pssg
    2. for export file, in menu Tools --> Expand --> PSSG -> DDS, open b_nonpersistent.pssg, select Folder to Extract ---> Klik OK
    3. open helmets_0.dds, ..., helmets_5.dds in photoshop and replace with your helmets
    4. for import file, in menu Toos --> Pack Data --> DDS in PSSG, open helmet_0.dds, save to b_nonpersistent.pssg

    in photoshop you must have Photoshop_Plugins_8.51.0816.1945 (NVIDIA Photoshop Plug-ins)

    sorry my english bed
  3. Thx. Won't work cause my helmet picture is from a wrong angle...
  4. i need some help with this im using ryder pssg editor and i exported it and opend it in photoshop i have the right adds on for it but the background is black so i cant add text to it like the dude who made the helmet replacement mode has done so if anyone could help me out would be wicked