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Replace T300 by T500RS v6

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rizzee, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. hi all i think im going to buy a t500 rs to replace my t300 which lasted 3 weeks so what i need to know is what is v6 all about and how will i know if im ordering a v6 cheers.
  2. I have the latest T500rs but can't tell you what differences there are between versions. You will notice how good the pedals are and wonder why you purchased the t300. ;):thumbsup:
  3. hi yea i dont want the pedals from t500 i will sell them as i already have fanatec ones will load cell..i tried t300 because everyone says how great ffb was etc and it is very good imo but wheel doesnt calibrate right etc its knackered so i though i may aswell get t500 also i did buy t300 because i was gonna race some stuff on ps4 also.
  4. also the static pedals put me off also but when i sell pedals i will just get gte rim or something
  5. I have both, and prefer the T300: it's smoother and more agile than the T500, which more than makes up for the less powerful motors. If you don't need the pedals and don't like fixed paddle shifters the T300 is the better wheelbase...

    Yes, the T300 appears to be still having some early teething troubles, so there is a risk that the next one also has problems... And I would also understand wanting maximal FFB power which the T500 will give. But if you want versatile and agile force feedback where you can feel the smallest sensations and still get decent powerful forces then my vote goes to the T300.

    If you get the T500, just make sure it has a GT6 branded box. That's the latest release. Later than the v2-v5 stamped GT5 box versions.
  6. There is a new fan that is pretty much the difference between the T500RS wheel bases versions I believe.

    T500RS is proven reliable so in that sense it´s not a bad move I suppose. I have had my TX for over a year and used it a lot. So far so good. If it breaks I got my final excuse to abandon beltdriven and gear driven wheels for an accuforce or similar directdrive wheel ;).

    I do preferr the smoothness but if you want to go with larger rims like 350 mm or larger in particular I find these really hides the worst part of T500RS. The sawmill feel when turning (it´s not as smooth as belt driven wheels with smaller less capable motors) and the ocassionally rough ffb that works against you at times. This is more helpful with a 360 mm rim where you do loose ffb info and sometimes have trouble feeling anything. I end up running with quite some clipping to get any kind of resistance on the TX. In that sense a lighter 280 mm rim is better but it´s not as smooth turning as a TX/T300RS.

    A heavy rim can mask a bit of the internal resistance at the cost of ffb fidelity on the T500RS where there is no benefits for the TX with a heavy rim.

    Larger rims just feel more right though I do struggle a bit with my 360 mm rim and H-shifting. Static paddles is great when running your own fullsize rims rather then Thrustmasters shrinked ones.
  7. The latest T500 actually has 4 improvements over the v1:
    - longer bolts in the steering column
    - different fan, removed plastic airflow partitioner, altered airflow direction
    - different air holes (the round holes on top were removed when the fan was rotated)
    - compression instead of torsion springs in the pedals
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  8. i dont know maybe i will get t300 again reading this but reliability again comes to mind..can someone tell me if t500 is as quiet as t300?also is the ffb the same as t300 and i dont mean strength i mean feeling like bumps and engine vibrations.
  9. Similar noise once the fan kicks in. Before that the TX is a bit quiter and it cools down faster. Not to hard change fans on the T500RS though. Not sure what size of fans you have room for in the TX or if it´s as easy to take apart.
  10. My new T500rs is very quiet and the fan turns off within 5 minutes of finishing using the wheel. I find the FFB very smooth but I havent really tested the tx or t300 models.
  11. The T500 has more turning resistance and a bit more notchiness than the T300. As far as I'm concerned they are both able to let you feel the forces provided by a game, but the T300 is a little better at showing subtle forces because of the lower internal resistance, whereas the T500 is better at depicting medium and heavy forces because it has a greater maximum power and larger dynamic range.

    Holding slides I find easier on the T300, because you can turn it easier and because the motor is less powerful so easier to overpower. The T500 has a nice kick :)

    Also note that when new the T500 is relatively stiff, it frees up with use. Didn't motice the same thing with the T300.