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Skins Renown Mazda F1 v1.0

Toro Rosso livery is replaced with Mazda's Renown livery

  1. Blaze The Fox submitted a new resource:

    Renown Mazda F1 - Toro Rosso livery is replaced with Mazda's Renown livery

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  2. (i forgot to put this into review) for the screens try to get some better angle in TT with more focus on the car or even i quick race but replay cameras are best to take screens, you get better view
  3. Yeah sorry about that.

    its my first time uploading a mod thats not a script. thanks for the heads up!

    also, i should have fixed that god awful tyre glare now, should make good pics easier to come by.

    ill get some more good ones sorted out for the next release. For the most part itll be the interior being updated with the new rev counter. I had a look at your review and theres only one small issue there - the actual carbon bits are made up of a tiny black square on the texture file - which would basically mess up about half of the car. I made it orange so the sponsors would actually fit properly. 80% of the back wing would be black otherwise, and *personally* i think it looks better with the spoiler being alright.

    i wish the textures were handled in a more project cars fashion, but its ok. on that note... i might have to recreate this skin on there and see if i get better results