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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rob Every, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    Has anyone had any problems with trymedia regarding renewals?

    I bought my copy in 2005, a fair time ago and since then have moved house, changed email PC etc so have no record of original purchase docs.

    They are being very stuffy about letting me renew, despite me giving them all the info from past activation codes and all the address data.

    THey even said my name, address and other details were wrong

    Is this a scam? Has anyone else found problems with renewing.

    To give basic info, had to reinstall due to corrupt files, went to usual already bought screen and was told I ahve run out of renewals. You can then email and go through a process and they ahve just put od obstacle after obstacle.

    Any ideas, seems a little harsh to have to buy again coz they have no data!
  2. i was told there is a thread at RSC about how to get more renewals, i still had my original email and couldn't get 1 so ended up using a *rack to get it working :(
  3. Good God, if I have ever had to cope with such appallingly bad administration with a software developer in my life I simply can not believe this.

    HAve speent all damned day trying to sort this out and now I sit here after downloading about 5 versions of this stupid game with version 1150, each time I click on a 1255 link it says installer, or version F or something else.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how I damn well update this idiotically administered piece of software to 1255 PLEASE!!!!!!

    How can iot be so difficult

    I have downloaded from Rfactor.net on three 1255 updates and each one just installs the original 1150 game, I cant seem to get a link to simply update to 1255 anywhere?
  4. I have been able to get renewals from Try media it is a pain it took about 5 days to get it but you will need to know that e mail address,also if you did not reformat then search for the Try media folder you will have to unlock hidden folders and see if you can use it.Good luck with that and if you get renewals I would suggest that as soon as you get it running to find that try media folder and make a backup on disc or flash drive and you can avoid this in the future.Also you can use a file recovery program to try to find that original Try media folder and search google to find where it goes the info is out there.
  5. Ok update for you

    downloaded an original (apparently 1255 version.

    When I click the icon on desktop, games starts and I get a version 1150

    Just tried to download 1250 to update aswell but then it says a copy of the game cannot be found that needs updating! WTF

    I am starting to feel like giving up with this, its amazingly badly run, just think of the amount of peple who would just walk away at this point as frustrated as I am!


    Renewals thing is sorted, I just kept on at them and they gave me an update to the codes, thanks
  6. great,now back up the try media folder and never have to deal with them again.
  7. but if you upgrade your pc the license doesn't work :(
  8. it has worked for me twice already.
  9. OK have managed to get to the status of version 1250.

    Is there any way I can upgrade to 1255 without having to install the whole game again? Can I not simply install the patch into the version I have now?
  10. You should be able to,yes.
  11. OK can someone point me in teh direction of a 1255 patch that doesnt require a complete install?
  12. OK bennie

    Have done this, but if I try and extratc I get a DlLL error and cant use the file.

    How hard can it bloody well be to update a game with a patch, these people are simply geeks who think everyone else should be able to understand what they do.

  13. I don't know about that one Rob very odd.
    Here is what I would suggest doing backup the try media folder make note of where it goes then uninstall rfactor and do not download from the link that trymedia gives in there email it is still version 1250 for some reason.
    Then download the 1255 full install from here http://www.rfactor.net/?page=downloads
    run the installer after finished replace the trymedia folder with the one you backed up restart your pc and you should be good to go.I know this is a pain just remember to set your folder options to show all hidden files and folders.

    Let me know how it goes and I will help till we get you up and running.
  14. Bennie, I must say a huge thanks

    I play this game all the time and simply got very confused with the way they try and make you install different bits.

    All done now and up to 1255.

    What a bloody pain in the bum that is, surely it could be easier!

    Only trouble is I lost all me setups and stuff, but thats a cinch to sort out

    Thanks again mate
  15. np,glad i could help
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