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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    the winners of the skin and render contest have been next teams:

    1.- FlatOut Racing - 26 votes
    2.- Corse Online Racing - 12 votes
    3.- Flyaing Dutchman Racing - 10 votes
    3.- Project D - 10 votes

    1.- FlatOut Racing - 28 votes
    2.- Flyaing Dutchman Racing - 11 votes
    2.- Corse Online Racing - 11 votes
    2.- Gubbklubben.se - 11 votes
    3.- Motor AG Motorsports 10 votes

    As there are some draws in the results, staff will make a determination and an announcemnet soon. And then we will contact the team spokesman in order to send the T Shirts.

    Thanks all the teams for the great effort and magnificent final reult. The grid looks superb with such a great skins.

    Cheers & congratulations!
  2. Wow we didn't expect this result. Thanks at all and in particular at David for his help, without, we could not join the contests.
  3. Final decision on prizes...

    As we did not expected a draw :rolleyes:, we have been forced to reduce a bit the TShirts amount, but it shouldn´t be a problem as some of the teams have scored a podium on both cathegories.

    Now, please Team Spokesmen contact me and let me know who and where to send each TShirt!

    Congratulations again, it have been a really good contest wich has done this seasson looking really great.
  4. Cool, congrats to all the winners and thanks for the tee-shirt ;)
  5. yeahhhhh!!!!
    Congrats to winner skinner
  6. you have them in XXXL :)
  7. Wow David,this is a great news!:D those T-shirts are special firstly because they will travel many miles:D Thank you David!
  8. Hey guys, I did not forget about this... I will do it next week! Sorry for the delay!
  9. hope so for its very coold here i need a t-shirt :)
  10. David did you get our adress? We still don't have the shirts mate.
  11. Dammit, my fault! I will find the time this week to send them all, I promise. :)
  12. OK guys, I am sending the TShirts in a while but I am missing some directions to send them.

    I am missing FlatOut & Flying Dutchman
  13. Ok, ALL THE TSHIRTS will be sneded on monday, you should get it on some days at your place.
  14. where are they? Have they been send yet? hope so for i miss them alot :)
  15. I think David kept them and now wears one everyday of the week ;)
  16. No, I delayed the sending to not colide with the Xmas holydays chaos... during the week, I promise. Excuse me for the brutal delay, it is all my fault.
  17. OK, T-Shirts should be received during next week. Please guys keep me updated.

    We will have another skin contect for the Black Cup 2011 and this time we will do things better.
  18. Skin contest!?!? ....in rF2 I hope :)
  19. Depends on the release date... I think we will go one last Black Cup on Race series, but I hope rF2 comes before we expect! :)
  20. Let's say rF2 comes out just before the Black Cup starts, what type of cars are we looking to drive in rF2?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.