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Released Renault Trafic II.1

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody :)

    I'm happy to share with you my lastest work, an very sexy car ! 400hp and 4WD :D

    Stop joking :) . It is the well known Renault trafic II phase 1(2001-2006 models).
    It comes with two engines choices : 1.9dCi 80 (82hp/190Nm MT5), 1.9dCi 100 (101hp/240Nm MT6)
    You have also got 3 body "styles" : basic, windowed and half windowed and some extras ;)

    To change them, just run Configurateur.jar, that's all ;D

    Test OK : Racer 0.9 RC5 (the best for me :D )
    In lastest relase some models might disappear :/

    Pictures :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    And link :

    Enjoy ! :D
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  2. Great job again, let's drive it to test :D Thanks!!
  3. Wow, it looks really great! I tested it with 0.8.44 and observed that it moves with ~5km/h even if the acceleration pedal is not pressed.
  4. I guess you play with autoclutch on, right?
  5. Great addition to racer, easily one of the best driving vehicles in the game :)
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  6. Yes, unfortunately my steering wheel (a Logitech Drive Force GT) has no third pedal, so I'm forced to play with autoclutch on.
  7. But it doesn't happen with any other car, in case that my last answer was misleading. :)
  8. It is from my script that's why, also i need to update the script because there is a bug. (Try to restart car after stalling it , you'll got locked throttle at 100%)
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