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Renault rs40 1983

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by jason1968, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. looks pretty good
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  2. Nice one!
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  3. can you do it for lotus
  4. Have to rename some files, I'll see, I think I know which are
  5. Maybe the next...?
    Andretti `78:Don Red Bull:whistling:
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  6. i uploaded the '83 version it almost looks like this '78
  7. I know...but there are not the JPS and Olympus sponsor...:unsure:
  8. I want to make a JPS, with logos JPS, but not sure which season makes
  9. Type 92 1983:thumbsup:or Type 97T 1985 :inlove:
  10. No 91 1982:thumbsup:That´s it is.simply black and gold with JPS
  11. I think that's the one:O_o:
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  12. A true jewel:inlove:on Red Bull or wich model do you think
  13. may be using caterham or toro rosso:ninja:
  14. As you want;)I have not yet replaced caterham...:roflmao:
  15. then, caterham:whistling:
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