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Skins Renault R28 (2008) 1.1

car skin

  1. aagancia submitted a new resource:

    Renault R28 (2008) - car skin

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  2. Could you do this skin for Lotus too?

  3. I won't be painting it on the Lotus chassis. But I can release a version that will replace your Lotus with this chassis(Mclaren)
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  4. That's really nice,thank you.
    And a Lotus version would be cool if possible.:thumbsup:
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  5. Forgot to include the lollipop. uploading update now...
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  6. Thanks for completing the package.
    Lovely job. :)
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  7. Thanks Gerald. But it's not quite complete. It still lacks driver, pit crew, race crew and helmet. I just don't enjoy doing those parts anymore. And I really suck at doing helmets. :)
  8. Good Job and Thanks a lot
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  9. Thank You on behalf thé F1 2012 Fans Community, this is truly a great piece of work. One little question, would it be possible to have this package to replace either Marusia or HRT? McLaren and Lotus are 2 top teams and I find unfortunate that they would need to be replace. In think the livery would look nice on HRT and perhaps on Marusia, two teams without the step nose.

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  10. very job nice please release it for Lotus
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  11. Wow. Fantastic job. Thanks a lot!!!:):thumbsup:

  12. Thanks.

    Sorry,but I would not be painting this on any other chasis. But I will be releasing packages so you can install this car for the Lotus, HRT, or Marussia slot.
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  14. Thank you very much.:cool:
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  15. very beautiful ;)
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  16. Brilliant job!!!Thx! :)
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  17. Thank you do much for this
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