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Released Renault Laguna III.1

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Here is another relase :)

    It works on RC5+ (since RC5 i can get the car0.rotvel and control_input throttle)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So, please read the readme for detailled information(scripts keys etc) but, in summary :

    • Working indicators
    • 2WS or 4WS
    • Automatic version (dCi)
    • Driver (from GTA IV)
    • Panoramic
    And, those updated scripts works for the coupe to (better handbrake, better esp and better cruise )

    About the panoramic, the animation is not perfect for two reasons
    Since the model axis is the car cg's, so each time I move cg.z (differents engines) the axis of the object is moved, so the animation changed..
    And , it's a bit hard to get a smooth move/rotate .. :/

    As always, to change version, run configurateur.jar

    And the link :


    And, sorry, it is not a GTR or a mercedes AMG lol :D
  2. Well I drove the thing for a bit, the sounds seem good on it, and I like your turbo script, seems pretty accurate to me. Also found the car quite fun to try and slalom with at 130+kmh, only to have the TC try and correct me. But even after my quite insane driving, the driver seemed quite unphased by it all lol.

    I was running into a few smaller issues, first of which was I have to reload the scripts everytime I drive the car no matter if I reconfigured it with your configurator or not, or I could just drive around with the hazards on lol (thats the only real reason). And i noticed with the automatic that shifts from 5th to 6th are a bit speedy once it actually decides to shift, and the same with going from 6th to 5th. You sure you weren't trying to make it into a GTR or an AMG? :roflmao:

    I also had a moment with the 4WS that I could not replicate not matter how hard I tried, I was crabbing it down the road at one point, no clue why lol, but it was funny to watch.
  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi dude,
    i can't download it, because a warning....
    If i klick on download the file without virusscan nothing happend...
    Can you please choose a differend host?

  4. Thanks harey for feedback :)
    The "automatic" hazard is not a bug at all, it is a script that turn them on hard braking that is why, if you are annoyed with it, script name is AFU ;)
    Alex, here is another link :
  5. Oh I knew that I'm saying when you first start you cannot disable them until you reload the scripts, once reloaded they work just fine.
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude!
  7. which shaders are you using? Racer 0.8.45 Буфер обмена01.jpg
  8. You can check out which shaders are being used by opening car.shd of course. Though it looks more like generic models not being read properly in your version, than actual shader issues. Regarding outdated Racer betas, you will find the first post clearly stating that this release has been developed for v0.9.0 RC5 and newer - so you'll have to look into it, to see what can be done about it ;)
  9. Hi guys , here is an update :

    Bring the facelifted version, with 130E/150E/175AT/180, also 110 for both "phases" lol
    The E engines got an scripted stop and start, and all 2.0dCi facelifted are with 4Control system.
    New sound for the 2.0dCi and indicator are not quiet now :D

    I hope you'll like it

    Link :