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Misc Renault F1 Team 2.0

Renault F1 Team

  1. Renault F1 Team (version 2.0)

    Hi, i present to you Renault F1 Team. This is my first mod, please bear with us.:)

    Two versions to choose:
    -for Mclaren
    -for HRT

    Renault F1 Team includes:
    -Drivers suits and helmets
    -New gloves
    -Steering wheel
    -Car loading

    Thanks for ML2166 for 3D models template;)

    Remember first backup your files

    Additionaly 17.04.2013 only for Mclaren:
    -All logos Mclaren replaced Renault F1 Team
    -Language file, Mclaren replaced Renault F1 Team (english, polish)

    Language files based for the season 2013

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  2. Beaut!!!!! Downloading now, incredible work well done!
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  3. That's a hell of a lot of work you put into that one, that can be seen. Very well done, a true masterpiece.
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  4. Wow, I knew this was gona we awesome, but its not, its perfect, awesome work :D
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  5. Just awesome ;) Realy nice job. Just out of curiousity, will it replace the Lotus F1 Team?
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  6. If you change the files, yes.
  7. THX

    They 'are your first mod?
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  8. Just one thing im wondering on, is it possible to get Kubica in this team?
  9. Yes, these painting are my first with the exception of helmet :)
  10. Yes, only need to edit the language file
  11. Ok, But I have no idea on how to do that...
  12. Love this work, look forward to the next :) What do you have planned?
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  13. I dont know if i the only, but the .rar file its wrong (crash when extract)
  14. You have done a really nice job!:) Thanks;)
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  15. Tomek beautiful use of the Resource Manager - Nice work too man :)
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  16. wow......that is beautiful:D
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  17. I have this problem too, the download stop twice at 83.7 MB, so the archive is not complete...

    Thx for the nice work anyway.
  18. For today, nothing;)
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  19. I sent again, try to download now
  20. :D beats working ;) I'll look forward to your next project anyway!! :D
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