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Renault drive?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jrdn7, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. What are my chances of getting a Renault drive on S2? I've met all my objectives bar one so far this season (S1) in a HRT.

    If the Renault drive doesn't come off, what are my other contract possibilities for S2?
  2. I just finished my first season today. i did it on easy mode, so I became champion with a great lead.

    My offers were from:
    -Williams (the team I was racing for)
    -Team Lotus (not the gold/black car :( )
    -Force India
    -Torro Rosso
    -McLaren (rival team)

    I think the offers are still level based, and you won't get to Renault untill you have finished your second season, I think.
  3. I was nowhere near getting an offer from renault or mercedes. I am Force India on pro level. I came 6th in the wdc with something like 120 points.

    Got offers from all the basement teams. stayed with F I for 2nd season.
  4. Right, thanks for that lads. Reading the above, I'm looking at staying with HRT. When do I get notified about the renewal contract?
  5. I got mine halfway the season, or a little bit later. It was my first offer for the next season.

    I also see some comments that you can get more teams to offer you a contract when you tell the press that you aren't really happy with your team, by telling them that the progress of the car isn't going like you want, and every time you get the option, tell them you did it all by yourself, and it wasn't a team-effort.
    I really was a ego-driver, if you could see all of my responces. :p