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Renault Clio @ Sebring 12h - Mon 3rd March

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gijs van Elderen, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Event Details
    Renault ClioTrophy 1.41 and Skip Barber Formula 2000 Download
    Track: Sebring 12h Download
    MOD : Download

    Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Mechanical failure: Time scaled

    Race 1
    20:00 GMT
    Qually: 20:20 GMT 10 minute
    Warm up: 3 minutes
    Race 1 : 20mins

    Race 2
    21:00 GMT
    Qually: 21:20 GMT 10 minute
    Warm up: 3 minutes
    Race 2 : 20 mins

    You can join for a single race or both you can even join just for race 2.
    the server will need to be advanced to qually by a vote at the correct time or i can give the admin command password to a driver that attends and he can take control of this.

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here

    MOD Installation.

    To join this event, you need to install the track, and download the mod from the server. Please follow instructions here.

    Note - Please take into account that rFactor 2 is still in beta stage and that technical problems might occur. If you spot a bug please post a (constructive) report in the dedicated bug forum.

    Sign-up list:
    1. Rupe Wilson
    2. Davy Vandevenne
    3. Jörn Horbelt
    4. Ricardo Edelmann
    5. Dennis Coufal
    6. Stefan Mizzi
    7. Daiman Patel
    8. Franklin Stegink
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
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  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    ill be there
  3. Nice combo! Love Sebring:thumbsup:

    Sign me up please.:)
  4. i'm in for this as well, wont be able to make the rest of the week
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  6. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann
    Lights out, Spot on! Premium

    I'll try to be there... maybe i have to work... put me on the reserve list ;)
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  7. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann
    Lights out, Spot on! Premium

    @Dennis Coufal and I have driven the track yesterday. It's really good for Clios. Not to long straights, nice fast turns. But for everybody: try NOT to hit the curbs to hard in turn 13 (Tower Turn). The Clio will start rolling over sometimes. And don`t try to hit each other in turn 17 (Sunset Bend). The cars are sliding in that corner and if the inner car hits a car on the outside very slightly it might start to roll over to. These were the only things we could see that are not good.

    As a conclusion:

    Track is nice looking good for clios and has only very few dangerous zones!

    So see you this Evening

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  8. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    I'm in as well
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  9. Those who do start rolling, we'll give points ...

    Judged by beauty, difficulty and expression!:cool:
  10. This will be super fun! I did races here with the clio and racing was very close. Hopefully I wont work very late...will let you know later on if I'll be able to join but this is one not to miss...
  11. If you're a little late, and race1 has already started :(, you can still log into the server.:thumbsup: You can follow Race 1 as a spectator :p. If race1 is done you are ready for race 2
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  12. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    RedShift Racing Staff Premium

    If I'm not still practising for the V8 league then I shall join you! :thumbsup:
  13. I am in.
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  14. Was really fun battling with Davy and Franklin...pity it ended that way...

    And apologies to Franklin for that bump I gave you...