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Released Renault Clio I

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hi !
    I think the car is ready for relase :)
    So it's the first generation of the Renault clio, aviable in two engines and two trim levels for Racer
    1.1 "Cleon" engine (49hp and 78Nm of torque, Renault 5's engine)
    1.2 "Energy" engine (60hp and 85Nm of torque, downsized version of Renault 19's engine)
    The trims levels are
    -RL, very basic : no hubcap, no rearwiper, cheap seats (not done yet lol), no clock, 4gears
    -RN (With optional equipement here, since i've same in my real car lol) gives hubcap and lateral protections, 5gears.
    A no cg version should come soon i hope, i've just few physics problems :/
    Also some colors (11Yet)
    Sounds (1.1L version) from joseag(Renault 11 GTL)
    I hope you'll like it :)
    Link :
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  2. Hey!!! hehehe This little car available! Trying it now and hosting @ tracciontrasera if you want as always ;)
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  3. Link updated, the car was missing light.tga texture :S
  4. Fun little car :p

    I did find the wind noise very loud, that might be taken down a notch.
    Also the car didn't like some kerbs, especially the concrete bars in some corners to prevent cutting them :p I think here is why, the collision mesh seems to be rather generous in some places :)
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  5. Nice job but the fuel gauge needle appears to be off location a bit in the outside views.
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  6. I like the car overall, I do think the audio in the e5f folder should be resampled to get rid of the static pops.
    As for the collision model, I've found it helps to have a slight rise at lower front and rear to allow for curbs and such.
    Nice job on modelling too.

    Alex Forbin
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  7. Thanks, about the sampling, i don't know how to do, same for the pops (my camera become old :D)
    Don't you mean the interior one?
    Also about collision model i didn't notice anything, but why not lower it :)
  8. I meant the key 3 etc views.
  9. Skybh, I didn't mean lowering the collision mesh, but making it properly fit the visual mesh :)
  10. I drove this thing recently, or at least tried to lol. I feel like everytime I tried to have any fun in it, it just wouldn't let me. With the 1.2l it does seem pretty quick, but it seems turning is its down fall, I once went to go through a turn on a track, and I'm pretty sure it forgot how to turn lol. The model is great, but I think the lights are a little dim when turned on (maybe its just me though). The amount of options you have put on this thing are, well, immense. Good car, just not my cup of tea.
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  11. I've also tried the car & I found the scripts funny.
    Did you you took the idea from City Car Driving ? When car collisions occur, automatic hazard lights are triggered & traffic car stops for a while in that game.

    Anyway, good work with unfolding/UV mapping the interior layout ! :)
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  12. Thanks :)
    About the handling, the real car has very small tires (155/70 R13 lol) and those versions (1.1 and 1.2) didn't not have front ARB (1.2 had them in 1993) that's why. I drive a real one and it's realy funny to drive :p
    Also here is an updated collision model, it fits a bit more with the mesh :
  13. Cool Skybh !

    I just checked your site & your Youtube Channel, nice improvements.

    For the car scripts, I found some issue with it, nothing bad but ...

    When hazard lights are on & switching to L/R indicator immediately after, it won't work before you first deactivate the hazards & then activate the R/L indicators. That issue doesn't seem to appear when the inverse situation occurs...;) Strange nobody noticed it.

    Other than that, I had to lower steer to 900 & decrease some of the lock to 20% approx.

    Also, I decreased the wind sound, be careful it's in m/s & the values are all too high.
    Engine sound could sound better, it's give, IMO, a lot of sensation when driving it.

    Last thing, you could create in your HUD files some static image giving the player the needed information for correct scripts activation, you know the 3 buttons programmed.
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  14. Thanks :)

    For the car scripts, I found some issue with it, nothing bad but ...

    I think i've noticied it too, but I did not find a great way to fix it, i'l see

    About wind, i've done that because in the real a car, a lot of sounds after 50/60km/h (!) lol and in other cars I found great feeling, but about engine sounds, 1.2 version version were recorded with my (crap) camera, that is way they sounds strange

    Hum i do not think it will be a good solution, for me an .txt file should be enough ;)
  15. Hello
    When does the no_cg version comes out?
  16. Thanks m8 very apreciated
    Btw ive seen a few newer CG car releases that come with car.shd and car_nocg.shd and every time i download a CG car with that file i just delete the ''no_cg'' and the car runs very nice. but with Clio i tried the same method but the car wont load.
    i have a very fast computer but 0.65 is the most stable for me =(
    Or there is some program that i can use with a option like:
    Render Gg shader
    Render Non Cg shader

    am i dreaming to much? =P
  17. I've tested the car in 0.8.4...It works perfectly and smoothly.There isn't any FPS slowdown.Good car skybh...
  18. Skybh,

    I own one of these cars as well, mine is a Phase 3 however and a UK model (we drive on the wrong side of the road), its a P reg (regiestered between August 1996 and July 1997) which gives you an idea of the age and my friend linked me this page.

    This leads me to 2 questions, mine has the DiET engine (D7F engine), which when the downpipe is actually attached properly, is increadibly quiet and beats my other car which is an 02 plate (early 2002 - they changed the regiestration plats from about late 2001 onwatds, so you now have 51, 02, 52, etc) Vauxhall Corsa. However, if I supply as much as I can, are you willing to do a phase 3 model? The only real differences are the 3rd brakelight, the headlights, the bumpers, the bonnet and the fog lights. Everything else is pretty much identical which is why I ask. It also helps when mine is a 3 door variant, which is a simliar bodyshell, except the front doors are wider.

    If you need photos, try here:

    If you need recordings, I can certaintly get some, you may have to guide me for what you want, I've only done recordings for trains as I mainly model UK diesel and electric multiple unit trains for Trainz.

    Of a thought, have you considered when you given the car a few whacks, to "loosen" the bonnet (hood) so it flies up when braking? Or flies up on its own as some people have said? For those that never owned one, if your bonnet catch fails, its one of the very few cars that you won't be harmed by, because the bonnet opens towards the front of the vehicle. The only time that tends to be a problem, is when you need to access places like the radiators. I know, I've had to remove the bonnet 3 or 4 times, just to check or change things, like the alternator. You can't do it very well with the bonnet in situ. (Also, unusually for the D7F enigne, the exhaust manifold is infront of the driver, the inlet manifold is behind the radiator!)
  19. Try driving those things on the road for REAL, they aren't the fastest things on the planet and certaintly, if you need to use all 60 horses (60hp motor, thats what the DiET has, the Cléon is a woeful 49hp!), it will shift it....

    .... if you really really throw down the accelerator!

    As for the turning radius, its only 10m, enough to get out of my drive and go full lock(!) into the road in one manevour. They aren't known for their sliding abilities, even though I managed to slide my clio about as many times as I can count on one hand (all not deliberate, honest. :D ), as well as counting how many times I've locked the brakes as mine doesn't have ABS. For the size of the car and its low starting price, you can't complain really. Mine was quite cheap when I brought it, about £350 during the UK's scrappage scheme (January 2010) or the time when everyone were looking at old motors and thinking "£2000 off a brand new car! Oh yes please, but I have to scrap my old one. :(" and then I wonder how many manufacturers jacked the price up by £2k during that period?