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Cars Renault Clio cup 197 Version 1.1

Renault Clio cup 197 release in november for french championship and free now

  1. stazer92 submitted a new resource:

    Renault Clio cup 197 - Renault Clio cup 197 release in november for french championship and free now

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  2. Huge download file, I hope that means it is a super great mod. I've been waiting for this to become public for ages! :laugh::D
  3. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    What a little GEM this is. Took for a spin around Brands Hatch Indy, and then on to the up and coming Thruxton. Really fun car to drive and cannot wait to race with. Sound is a little bit of an issue though, so I have fiddled a little.

    Done a little Vid you can see here

    Now we need an influx of skins, but great Mod @stazer92, well done mate
  4. offtopic
    The cam set for Thurtox is annoying, eyefish everywhere.

    Downloading the mod right now to give it a try.
  5. Thanks and hope fun for you ;)
  6. The work begins with all the comments you have sent us through the posts and facebook, many thanks. Hopefully even more fun and realism for you.

    Next update:
    New suspension STRUCT
    New tires Grip
    More realistic placement of the fuel tank
  7. Again I discuss what I said about the mod on the official forum
    In my opinion no offense, work is good , but the number of polygons used in cars leaves much to be desired , there are errors like over the front headlamp is' cut and also the sawtooth is noted in the wheel arches , and upper air intake is very grotesque shape. bone is a good mod but the game can do something with more detail quality .
    Again the mod is not bad but in my opinion hope highest quality cars in design as the game allows it, this mod would be excellent for AC Rfactor but I would like to see improved quality of polygons.
    sorry for my English but I use Google , also left a comment on my original language, Spanish

    Vuelvo a comentar lo que dije al respecto del mod en el foro oficial
    En mi opinion sin ofender, el trabajo es bueno, pero la cantidad de poliginos usados en los autos deja mucho que desear, hay errores como en el borde del faro frontal que se corta abruptamente y ademas se nota los dientes de sierra en los pasaruedas, y la toma de aire superior es muy grotesca su forma. osea es un buen mod pero el juego permite hacer algo con mas calidad de detalle.
    Repito el mod no es malo pero en mi opinion espero autos de mayor calidad en cuanto al dise├▒o ya que el juego lo permite, este mod estaria excelente para Rfactor pero para AC me gustaria ver mejor calidad de poligonos.
  8. Not running with 1.1.6 ?
  9. i have no engine sound :/
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
  10. I get an error message on sim start about a Redbull car and then I have no engine sound :(.
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  11. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne
    Premium Member

    Are there any improvements planned for the future?
  12. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Thanks for sharing but there are 2 mistakes in ui_skin.json ... in this download.:
    It concerns RedBull and Renault Sport skins.

    Just open these 2 files and add the closing bracket below the last line.
    Save and everything is settled ... else you get a game warning that there's a problem for those 2 skins.
  13. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke
    Premium Member

    I have emailed the creators to ask permission to work on this futher, using what I have learnt with the BTCC mod, so hopefully, fingers crossed, as this is just to good to let die, imho
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