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Skins Removed Mods [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Automobilista Mods' started by P*Funk, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. P*Funk submitted a new resource:

    Williams FW24 2002 - Early season 2002 livery for Williams F1 Team

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  2. gamer19 submitted a new resource:

    AMS V10 BAR F1 2002 skin - skin for AMS V10, BAR F1 2002, 2 cars, 2 helmets, T-cam colours and true garage

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  3. I know that feeling of wanting to get it out before someone else starts their own version. :p

    I'm impressed that you did it without templates. I don't think I would have had that kind of patience. I might recommend you spare yourself further madness and get Gimp being that its free.

    Nice work.
  4. It's funny you know... :D
    I just realise that I already have Gimp (and, YES, it can read that damn template:whistling:) but, since I have never been working with it, I don't really know to use it on the right way. Maybe if I find some extra time to learn use it properly.
    Thanks for suggestion mate! ;)
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  5. kapten_zoom submitted a new resource:

    Renault Sport F1 2016 - Renault F1 Formula 1 2016

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  6. Here's a couple more screens from upcoming v.1.0 version.
    And I gotta tell you... I'm too old for this *hit... :notworthy:
    I should have know my self better, I should have know that I won't find peace till everythings is as close as real thing as possible, every little sticker is right where it should be... oh well.... :x3:
    Anyway, anyhow, here they are.
    Check out that little *ucker, Brunotti little logo from inside mirrors,:mad:
    If you only know how much time I spent on this one alone. And then the others... and all this without template! :geek::alien::laugh:
    Those confusing black/grey stripes updated, T-cam for Villlenauve updated, helmets for both drivers, now they have real real life:) look, many logos updated and many small and big corrections here and there.
    Garage still needs some work since this is hit and miss, not very joyful, let me tell you.

    I think my next skin is comming - in May.

    2019. :cautious:
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
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  7. Looks great!
  8. f1-renault-f1-team-2016-livery-unveil-2016-renault-f1-team-2016-livery.jpg
    They changed the livery.
  9. Released now in the download section.
    20160316131502_1.jpg 20160316131510_1.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
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  10. Kewcet submitted a new resource:

    Formula One 2012 - This includes driver- and teamnames

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  11. what car classes ?
  12. Formula V10
  13. btw who is Witali Petrow :p #BringBackVitalyPetrov
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