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Remove start lights

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by belliash, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    This was implemented in F1 2011 and someone posted a mod that removed them. Is it possible to port that mod to 2012?

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  2. Yes i remember that mod, very good as well.

    I found it in my files, but alas it does not work with 2012.

    I hope someone can come up with one.

  3. Hi, I made a quick one for you, put to your F1 2012/frontend folder (back up and rewrite), presume in future there will be one with digi flags..

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  4. what is that last link????
  5. its downloadlink, there click b_osd.pssg..
  6. sorry i didn't see it, downloaded and very good

  7. Thanks for that, works like a charm!
  8. delete start light is possible ?
  9. Can i please have a valid download link cause the one above isnt working?!? pls
  10. link is broken :(

  11. Here is download link
  12. were the link ?
  13. Grazie per questo, funziona come un fascino!
  14. This will overwrite the electronic flags mod though right?
  15. See my thread for all 3 Things together (electronic Flags + no wrong way sign + no red start lights):
    DOWNLOAD IT: here