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Cars Reloaded STW pack 1 1.1

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97 submitted a new resource:

    Reloaded STW pack 1 - Super Touring Cars

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  2. Sweet, need to download this one :)
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  3. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I don't see the updates? ... at least, the Honda doesn't have aero discs?
  4. Same here :)

    Also its only minor but the BMW is still using the older style front bumper can easily be changed though
  5. well, the pack does contain the new disc gmts for honda but there are no references to them in the cas files. as for BMW, I do not think there is anything there.
  6. So do we have to make up the reference?
  7. I will try to have a look however these changes are pretty unknown territory for me:(
  8. I feel bad for mentioning issues... there's so much awesome content flowing at the moment!! :cool::cool:

    The BMWs need wheel discs too at some point :thumbsup:
  9. If I remember I will try and add the needed cas file change here its really simple to do
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  10. it is relatively easy, just replace references to LR and RR lids in CAS file, e.g. replace:
    MeshFile=<new lid file name>.gmt
    you may want to rename those files though because currently their names contain spaces ("Kopia av honda99_accord_lid_lr_style1.gmt").

    however replacing lids is still not enough, the whole wheel has to be remodeled, because its spokes still stick out of the new aero discs...
  11. To change the BMW front bumper go to the cas file, about halfway down find the line " <Notspin>Meshfile_ST_BMW_FBumper_A.gmt" Simply change FBumper to FBumper3_A.gmt

    STW 1999 and STW1998 BMW cars used this bumper and few other series. Hope that makes sense :)
  12. Tried this on the 98 ASTC BMW. It works and the car appears with the correct bumper but if I look back it crashes to desktop? What have I done wrong??
  13. Do you mean while racing? I'm not sure what's wrong to be honest I race with on board cockpit view. Will try mine later and see if it crashes
  14. It's not doing it now, must have just been a weird bug :/ How strange.
  15. Hello Everyone, any time I use the Alfa 156 (STW98 or 99) I get CTD...

    this is the trace line:

    vehgfx.cpp 2090 - 34.418s: Entered VehGraphics::Init(GAMEDATA\TEAMS\TRACKVEHICLES\SAFETYCAR\SAFETYCAR_ALFA_ROMEO_156.CAS)
    AnimationAct 226 - 34.787s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    AnimationAct 226 - 34.787s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    slot.cpp 342 - 35.659s: Entered Slot::Init()
    pitmod.cpp 251 - 35.689s: Entered PitAction::Init
    vehgfx.cpp 2090 - 35.689s: Entered VehGraphics::Init(GAMEDATA\TEAMS\RELOADED STW 1998\ALFA ROMEO TEAMS\98_STW_ALFA_156.CAS)
    vehgfx.cpp 2226 - 35.893s: Could not find instance "SLOT000"

    Any Idea? I donĀ“t remember this error...

    Thanks in advance!
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  16. Try the 2000 series, again with the Alfa 156 and...

    game.cpp 1561 - 50.937s: Entered Game::Init()
    vidman.cpp 1144 - 50.937s: Entered VidMan::Init()
    ai_db.cpp 2354 - 54.051s: Entered AIDatabase::Init()
    steward.cpp 5267 - 54.196s: Entered Steward::Init()
    hwinput.cpp 6256 - 54.210s: Entered HWInput::Init()
    specialfx.cp 4180 - 54.210s: Entered SpecialFX::Init()
    specialfx.cp 654 - 54.217s: Unrecognized reaction "DSRACELINE"
    dynman.cpp 699 - 54.700s: Entered DynMan::Init()
    slot.cpp 342 - 55.345s: Entered Slot::Init()
    vehgfx.cpp 2090 - 55.360s: Entered VehGraphics::Init(GAMEDATA\TEAMS\TRACKVEHICLES\SAFETYCAR\SAFETYCAR_ALFA_ROMEO_156.CAS)
    AnimationAct 226 - 56.521s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    AnimationAct 226 - 56.521s: GMT and EFX meshes diff too much.
    slot.cpp 342 - 58.281s: Entered Slot::Init()
    pitmod.cpp 251 - 58.311s: Entered PitAction::Init
    vehgfx.cpp 2090 - 58.311s: Entered VehGraphics::Init(GAMEDATA\TEAMS\ESTC 2000-2001 RELOADED\ALFA ROMEO TEAMS\2000_ESTC_ALFA.CAS)
    vehgfx.cpp 2226 - 58.596s: Could not find instance "SLOT000"

  17. i'll give the car a try.I hope it's not a similar issue like the pug 405