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Released Via Steam

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by slider916, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. It's out!
    Also, for wheel users. The only way it will work is if you use the x360ce emulator like it 14.
  2. Waiting for credible feedback before I purchase.
  3. X360ce never worked for me with Motogp 14 Can you please explain again how to get it to recognise the pedals on the G27?
  4. This works with MotoGP 13 and G25. However, how can I get FFB in the wheel? I'm only testing cause if I like this setup I'm going to get MotoGP 15.

    Also, I ride bikes from MX to Track Bikes and the wheel is more intuitive than a Gamepad I can tell you that for certain.

    Tks... RK
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  5. jimortality


    I only paid £18.59 so if it's crap.........
  6. Disclaimer: I don't own a real bike and I haven't ridden a street bike at all, only dirt bikes growing up.

    That being said, I don't know how accurate MotoGP 15 is or any of the previous games, however I did enjoy MotoGP 13 and RIDE, MotoGP 14 was not that good to me. I'm really liking MotoGP 15, feels like the successor to MotoGP 13 which 14 wasn't.

    I've heard complaints that its too easy for some people. I'm no alien bike rider and its plenty difficult for me. I think there's 5 adjustable skill levels and I have my hands full at medium.
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  7. blkout, it's just IA is far too easy..especially in Austin and Assen, bad balanced
  8. Just right for me so I'm happy.
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  9. jimortality


    In the graphics options, road texture in gb? What does all that mean?
  10. rkh


    it is about how detailed you want your asphalt to be. reserves the selectible amount of cache from 512MB to 4GB between your Video Card and memory. i think it also involves pre-rendering depending on if ya have a beefy video card. AUTO is your best bet, supposed to then decide for you what setting is best.
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