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Released: True2Life-Racing Porsche Mobil1 Super Cup 2007

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Downloads: A new file has been added by True2Life Racing:

    True2Life Racing Porsche 911 GT3 (997) Cup 2007

    Welcome to the True2Life-Racing Porsche 911 GT3 (997) Cup version 1.2 Full Install.

    Features added to the GTR Evo Version:
    - Custom Skin support using the "CustomSkins" folder .ini system
    - Wet tyres tyre physics models
    - Functioning Rain/Dirtscreen & Wipers

    --// Pre-installation //--

    Please delete the following folders before installing this edition:

    ..\race 07\GameData\Teams\T2L_Addons\Porsche 911 GT3 (997) Cup

    --// Installation //--

    - extract to main Race07 folder


    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\**you-user-name**\race 07\

    -----// Changelog //-----

    --// v1.2 //--

    - improved customskin functionality
    - adjusted ModelID on PMSC

    --// v1.1 //--

    - improved online compatability
    - adjusted 3D models

    --// v1.0 //--

    - initial public release


    This release wouldn't have been possible without:

    - GSMF for their great rF PCC2007 Mod and their permission to convert it to GTR Evolution
    - Stephan Sabath
    - SimJunkies test pilots
    - Jayforce & FastEddieWoe & Michael Rasmussen for their great skins
    - Simbin (of course)
    - And you, the Sim Racing Community!



    Günthar Rowe
  2. Thank you Gunthar, I have been hoping you would release this one.
  3. Very nice Gunthar. :smile:
  4. please update my first post with an RD one when someone can. thankx
  5. Thank you Gunthar!
  6. what are the difference with this mod and the supercup mod of ZeZeZoom ?
  7. everything :) different tyre physics, different chassis physics, different aero physics, different engine physics, different 3D models, different sounds, different damage model...
  8. will try your version, it will probly the best one :)
  9. Again like here
    1. Jiri Janak (Jiří Janák) isn't Polish but Czech (he has polish flag)
  10. This comes from SimBins driver Profile Talent files and not ones I added :)
  11. But in you FVR DTM Mod Tom Kristensen has a Netherlands flag, but hes Danish. Sorry if this is wrong topic
  12. so you can't do anything with this? understand, it isn't authentic and it is big hit to my proud :(
  13. That was probably just an error on my behalf.... if you look in your .../GameData/Talent/DTM/ folder you'll see any files I made and you can edit them in Notepad to correct the Flags...
  14. looked further:

    either you have a dud talent file from somewhere or something. I didn't include a talent file set, and the SimBin one is like this:

    Jiri Janak
     //Driver Info
     Nationality=Czech Republic
     DateOfBirth=1983 Olomouc
      12th IN CZ SKODA OCTAVIA 03
      2nd IN CZ SKODA OCTAVIA 04
      1st IN CZ SKODA OCTAVIA 05
     //Driver Stats
     StartsDry=1.0                      //Average number of drivers passed during start (-4 - 4)
     StartStalls=0.0                       //% of starts where driver stalled
     QualifyingAbility=19.00          //Average qualifying position NOTE: keep GT between 1 -15
     RaceAbility=3.0                //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
     RainAbility=3.00                  //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
     Passing=90.0                     //% of times driver completed a successfull pass, not including pit stops or lapped traffic
     Crash=10.0                         //% of times driver crashed
     Recovery=80                      //% of times driver continued after a crash
     // Increase attempted low-speed cornering by adding a minimum onto calculated speed.
     // Reduce attempted high-speed cornering by multiplying speed by a number less than 1.0.
     // <adjusted speed> = CorneringAdd + (CorneringMult * <original speed>)
    //AI Throttle Control - how good they are at their own traction control upon throttle application
    TCGripThreshold=0.7   // Range: 0.0-1.0
    TCThrottleFract=1.2   // Range: 0.0-???
    TCResponse=0.0        // Range: 0.0-???
    //AI skill mistake variables
    MinRacingSkill = 1.00
    Composure = 0.010
    //AI ColdBrain variables
    which has him as Czech Republic
  15. yes I took a look there.. and I was surprised... in the game he has polish flag but in his talent file he is as Czech player... but I am not modder and I don't know how to set him Czech flag... and I didn't download any special talents
  16. are all Czech drivers with the wrong flag?
  17. no, only Jiri Janak (maybe SimBin's mistake?) ... but I didn't find other Czech in this game (and mods) ...
  18. These Porsches are close to perfect i think,very easily by far the best mod i have tried for the Race/Evo series,infact they are the best cars in my install of the game right now!,these cars make Evo worth still having to me,i think they deserve a proper league RDPorsche Cup Series?.
  19. Gary, you should join us for some Porsche fun in the American Racing Club on Saturday. :cool: