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Released: FVRFactor Bathurst 2010 WIP2 multi-platform released

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Oooh deary, I almost fainted... :D
  2. there are some graphical errors here and there, but working on it...
  3. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    Gunthar, I know this is not the finished product and it is great to drive but i find the kerbing very vicious...really throws the car around when you hit them .cheers Kev.PS not a whinge but some feedback.
  4. WIP3 is a scratch rebuild, so who knows how it will be then :)

  5. Gunthar,

    NIce to see this hitting daylight for RACE/GTRE platform! Drove WIP 2 today and had a couple of thoughts. Brake markers seemed scarce. Especially helpful on the left turns around the paddock area. Also maybe a little something coming off the mountain at 160 mph into the kink then brake hard area might help a bit .

    Otherwise, I found it to be the "monster" it should be!!!!1 make me work!!!!

    Well done man! Hoping V3 will be coming very soon as we had planned on using this next month in the ATCC.
  6. A track is bathurst for GTR EVO?
  7. yes it is.... it is a work in progress
  8. Gunthar
    Tried to download and message said file had been deleted. Am dying to run this with the FVR Aussie V8's. Please advise.

  9. Gunthar
    Thanks ever so much for the link to Bathurst. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Even more scary running it with the DTM 2010 Audi. Scared myself to death at sub 59's!!!!
    Question: On anything other than a private test, I can't complete a full lap without my computer freezing up and I have to reboot to unlock. Not real bright when it comes to hardware issues. Sorry to be a pest.
  10. Really need to post issues at FVR's site and it's Flashes baby...
  11. :sleep:
    Well, did so the same day without even a response. Guess I'll shelve it until I can use it
  12. Not sure where you posted the message mate but we answer everything as soon as we're online as best as possible. So why don't you try again in the forums only, not on the webpage. If its because you wanted to download Bathurst, the reason why we removed it is we weren't happy with it and its getting an overhaul as there was some dodgy bits. We also don't like our WIP stuff posted on other sites as we don't see messages like yours at other sites, the only reason I've seen this is because I'm trying to track Gunthar down. When other sites post our WIP stuff, sometimes we get hundreds of downloads and if there is a problem we wouldn't have a clue and people say they don't respons nor answer. There are now 4 of us in FVR and 3 of us are online everyday answering posts.