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[RELEASE] Saleen Mustang SE Cup

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by scca1981, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. //---Saleen Mustang SE Cup for GTR Evo by Scca1981

    Version: 1.0

    The Saleen Mustang SE Cup is a fictional single make cup.


    No wipers. (working on them stay tuned)

    Paint Template is included with a paint guide.



    Drop the Gamedata/UiData folders into "\SimBin\GTR Evolution Offline" Allow any
    overwrites (nothing original overwritten)


    Drop the Gamedata/UiData folders into "\Steam\SteamApps\YOURUSERNAME\race 07"
    Allow any overwrites (nothing original overwritten).


    scca1981 - Conversion/updates/physics
    Scott Stockton - Original Mustang Model
    BariCZ - Cubemaps
    Goresh and RMi for their original work in the car

    Thanks also to Simbin and ISI for their great sims and giving me something to do
    when i'm bored!


    HPI-rcr - 10-42-64-77-78-121
    brabham67 - 98-99
    swviper - 105-155-156-158-187-190
    mallyauto86 - 17-18-28-42-69-79

    Skins 17-32-36-48-69 by scca1981


    Fallout Motorsports - Sim Modding

    DOWNLOAD - http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=15781
  2. Yay! :clap: I'm gonna try this when I get home!

    Great work buddy! :thumb:
  3. Quality mod:beer:
    The car handles great and nothing like any of the other Evo cars. I love it:clap:
    I've been doing a few laps around Brno in it.

    Would it be possible to tune it to have a version that could fit in the GT Sport or GT Club class? GT Club especially could use some more cars and this car would fit very nicely into an Evo class IMO, you already added two good cars to the GT Sport class :)
  4. great mod lots of fun :rockon::tea:
  5. OK, I need help here. I downloaded the files, dropped them into Race07 folder as stated in the instructions. I entered the game, and, nothing. I cant find the Mustangs to drive. They are not showing up in the menu anywhere> So what am I doing wrong?
    Any help appreciated. I don't understand this, as some comments obviously mean some people are using this. Thanks.