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release notes

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Hampus Andersson, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. First, what happened to the sticky threads?

    Anyway, here´s the release notes,


  2. Pretty shitty build....
  3. I think it's a great update and the start of some big improvements!
    Why do you think it's a poor build?
  4. It´s a shallow build.

    Had they included things like this, i would have been ecstatic.

    New sound engine (took them a year to figure out their own program could do the same job)
    Driver swaps

    Instead we get this,

    Touch Driving pos.
    Fuel economy adjusted so cars do not have to save fuel to finish race.
    Why not keep the fuel economy as it should be and gee i don´t know... try shorten the bloody race.

    Corvette - wheels are now all black. Woopy F*cking Doo.
    That must have been a 5-man work over 2 weeks straight.

    Their rate of development is a joke frankly. PCARS produce more stuff in a week then iRacing puts out in three full months.
    It´s ridiculous.

    But at least we got spotter function
    (which is useless without the features it was intended for)
    And we got dirt on the windscreen...must have started working on that since Baby Jesus was walking around telling people what to do lol.

    "The start of som big improvements" No that "start" started last year before August.
    We should be at the "end" of big improvements by now.
  5. They already announced that the McLaren, Lotus and driver swaps are not coming this build. So it shouldn't be a surprise. ;)

    pCARS is in development, so they can make something imperfect and release it so everybody can test is. iRacing releases something when it is finished. Big difference.

    But why complain? You can't fix anything with complaining.
    If you hate it, don't play it or if you think you can do it better, apply for a job at iRacing.

    Now I'm finished discussing with you because it has no use.
  6. that´s not the point... It should be out in this build.

    Instead they took it in the backside and gave us a Caddy that nobody asked for in the first place.
    Can´t get Porsche? No big deal, let´s forget everything about all other cars we want and contact RuF instead so we can have a 700hp 4WD street car of a Porsche.
    Which again, maybe 0,000004% actually asked for.

    Yes PCARS is in development, just like iRacing.
    Do you honestly think PCARS have no pre-testing before releasing a build?

    They hired ONE engineer that will work on the collision system.
    that´s great but what about the rest.

    You would be ok with let´s say driver swaps coming in 2014? (example)
    Despite being announced in mid-2012?

    I complain because that´s normal, having a bunch of yes-men around won´t get you anywhere in life.

    If the world only consisted by yes-men we would still be walking around with sticks and stones.

    Where did i state i hate it?
    Where did i state i could do a better job?

    I hate the rate of development and no i can´t speed it up myself but it´s crystal clear their rate of development is ****.

    I bet they love guys like you though :)

    Say yes to everything, they could wrap dodo and say it´s the new Mclaren and you would say thanks a million iRacing!
  7. dirt on tyres
    flat spotting
    cold tyres are slower
    big lockup tyre smoke
    big screaming tyre noise when lockup and more sounds in general
    different tyre compounds so you can change them
    dynamic weather (or at least changing temperature during racing)
    Driver Swaps
    Day/Night driving

    I´d take this over anything, i could care less about touch capabilities or trophies.

    2 years ago builds were solid. The last few builds have been an utter joke. a disgrace.
  8. I've been an iracing member for around three years and until a few months ago was a 100% content owner. The last few builds have been underwhelming at best and this one might be the worst yet. Dirt on the windshield, wow; GTR2 and Netkar and many others have had this feature for the better part of ten years...The Power and Glory mod for GTR2 has three hundred cars and every one of them is a much more convincing driving experience than anything in iracing; and was made by a few guys in there spare time in less time than iracing has been around.

    When I joined iRacing I was sold on it being a training simulator and 100% true realistic simulation was the goal. Guess that was just a marketing gimmick because now instead of realistic tire behavior (see hampus list above) they are spending their time making it where people can drive with their fingers on their iPad.
  9. Have to agree. Last few builds has been sub-par. Frankly the only thing keeping me around is the Mclaren which i have committed to 30+ people.
    And the fact that AC is not out yet.

    I get why the tires don´t have blisters, proper heating, proper grip levels at different lifetimes of the tire etc but then i kinda expect them to blow us out of the water when it comes to other features while we wait for DK to further push along the tire model.

    They got some idiotic priorities...

    They said a few months back that vulcanisation among other stuff for the NTM was "almost" done.
    Almost to me would be a month tops. Not half a year.
  10. this, I don't understand...

    I don't feel like discussing this for 2 pages but I don't understand what people want these days...

    All you hear/read is complaints...

    You get updates every 4 months, developers are talking to customers on the forums, they are honest about problems and delays, ...

    People want everything yesterday, it has to be perfect from the get go and if it costs more than 1€ they are ripping you off... If you are reasonable you have to know that things don't work like that