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Reiza, please fix Game Shield

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by LotsaBS, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Dear Reiza:

    I purchased GSC months ago, have not reconfigured my PC since. Periodically, when attempting to start GSC I get the deactivation window asking me to either purchase the sim or enter my serial number. Normally, I am able to enter my serial number and go on my way, but after entering my serial number earlier today I get the message "Connection to CheckPoint server has failed. Please contact your vendor for assistance." Obviously I have a good internet connection or I wouldn't be writing this...

    Reiza, You have created one of the best sims ever. I understand the need to copy protect the sim, but this is getting out of hand. Please get this fixed. It is VERY frustrating to your customers.

    And yes, I have emailed support@reizastudios.com, but have not received any response as of yet. ARRRRGH!
  2. this is a strange issue, I have not to enter my serial anymore, only the first time
  3. Still getting the same error and no reply yet to my email from support.
  4. Are you using the explicit "Run as administrator" option to run the game ? Try that, even if your user is already an admin.
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  5. Yes
  6. I did hear back from Reiza. They suggested that I verify that I was running as administrator, disable my anti-virus and check windows firewall. I always run GSC as administrator (I also have GSE.exe set to run as administrator in the properties page), disabling my anti-virus made no difference and the 4 entries in windows firewall for gse.exe all show to "allow" Firewall.jpg

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I continue to get the Deactivation Notice followed by "Connection to the CheckPoint Server has failed. Please contact your vendor for assistance" when I enter my serial number.
  7. is there a new version with mini? have you patched it? what about a fresh reinstall with a fresh downloaded file?
  8. Yes, I downloaded and installed the new version with the mini a few weeks ago when it came out. All worked fine, with the exception of periodic Deactivation Notices every so often (as I mentioned before) that I have always been able to fix by entering my serial number. This time nothing is working at all. Reiza support did say this in their email reply: You may also experience a temporary failure with the checkpoint server, but these usually resolved between one attempt and another. In my case they are not getting resolved. Funny thing is that when I enter my serial number, the Checkpoint Server message pops up immediately, like it doesn't even try to check. I may end up having to try a full uninstall/reinstall, but I am going to wait on reiza support to reply to my emails.
  9. As of today, no reply from Reiza, still getting the error "Connection to CheckPoint server has failed. Please contact your vendor for assistance." HELP!
  10. I am running gse.exe as admin and I have even turned off my antivirus with no change. I just heard back from Reiza moments ago and they even provided me with an activation code. It did not work either. Now I will have to uninstall/reinstall.
  11. Got it running after full uninstall/reinstall thanks to Renato's help at Reiza. When entering my serial number I still got the Connection to CheckPoint Server message and instead I had to use the activation code provided by Renato instead. Apparently the Checkpoint server is not working properly, at least from my location in the USA.
  12. excuse but are you sure your antivirus is fully deactivated? some antivirus require to manage in the startup and services under msconfig.exe
  13. Please read my last post. I got it working last night. The CheckPoint server was not working but Renato at Reiza provided me an Activation Code and that got it working after an uninstall/reinstall. Thanks for your help.
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